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Thread: Dead Island is out now

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    Default Dead Island is out now

    I've seen some promos for the game & it looks great!! Has anyone gotten it yet & how is the game play?Are you enjoying it or was it not as expected? I ask, as I am thinking about getting it soon & want some reviews before I get it!!

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    I haven't played it but it looks like dead rising 1/2 but without the mission timers. So you could possibly do all the missions in one gameplay.

    But other then that it looks like a midly better dead rising 2. For now I'll stick to L4D2 on PC for my zombie killing. Plus the PC verison was SHIT when it came out (dead island, not L4D2.)

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    Yeah, I got it launch day, it's actually a lot of fun. A mix of Left 4 Dead and Borderlands (don't know why people compare it to Fallout, it's much more like Borderlands).

    Anyways, I'd recommend it, especially if you have friends to play with.

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    I hate to be the first hater but that game is freakin' terrible. the lighting hurts my eyes, the game is very buggy, and the combat gets repetitive & boring very fast. I'm on chapter 5 and I'm already fuckin' tired of it, but I guess your experiences may differ.
    Did I also mention the hit detection is terrible too?

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