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    OK, I know there are a lot of threads similar to this, but I need to get some personal advice on this and most of the other threads seem very dead.

    So pretty much I found a good place to hide diapers and now its a matter of actually getting them. This in itself is quite an achievement, as now I can hopefully start worrying more regularly. I am not worried about purchasing them (been there, done that), but I don't really know what type or brand to go for. I live in the Great White North, specifically near Vancouver and there are several stores (pharmacies and grocery stores) around where I could potentially purchase diapers, so my selection is not small, just not large. What are some common brands that actually make good diapers?

    So far I've only tried Goodnites (too small) and Depends (leaky) and have not been satisfied with either. Do you have any recommendations? I'd like to buy more than one type eventually, but for now I'm mostly looking for something absorbent and not leaky. What's a good diaper for heavy use?

    On the other hand, what's a good diaper to wear underneath clothes (everyday diaper)? As mentioned above, these diapers need to be relatively common, because I will have to find them at one of the local stores. I hope to buy them as soon as possible. Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Take a look around at some pharmacies and see if you can find any Attends or Tena products.

    If you go to the Attends website they have a list of retailers that sell their products.

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    Here are some tips as to where to get them, in order of preference:

    #1 Diaper specialty shops. They are rare, but I discovered one today named Diaper Depot, and they stock rare diaper brands! It's awesome! Also, there are rearely any customers besides you in there, and the staff in my location, a middle-aged Asian couple, were very kind. (The wife even helped me stuff two packs of ATNs into my backpack! )

    #2 Pharmacies. Although more common than diaper shops, they usually only stock more common brands, like Depend.

    #3 Chain all-purpose stores (i.e. Big Lots, Target, Walmart, etc.). I have never shopped there for diapers, and I never will. I think that they're too far away form where I live, and they usually have very poor selections.

    #4 (ugh!) Convenience stores. Never shop here for diapers. Often carry none at all. I once went to get Pampers there, and they only had size 3. Even then, some hoods were snickering at me, looking at the diapers. I left right then and there and went to CVS.

    Now, as for WHAT to get, bring more money than you think you need, and buy the best diapers they have. What DF said above is good advice, and even though they are rare, if you see Tranquility ATNs you might want to give them a shot.

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    So far we have used 2 different store brands (One was Albertson's, the other was... CVS?)
    And they've been really good so far. Both can take 2+ good wettings. Which is pretty good for a diaper that cost about 18 cents. = 0

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    So far we have used 2 different store brands (One was Albertson's, the other was... CVS?)
    And they've been really good so far. Both can take 2+ good wettings. Which is pretty good for a diaper that cost about 18 cents. = 0

    Yay for CVS ones...I love them for their price ^_^...I'm wearing some right now

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    can't really help with specific recommendations as diapers are a bit different on this side of the Atlantic (inc. same brands), but my advice is that diaper selection is a matter of trial and error, in as to what you find to be suitable.
    exploring the 'trial pack' option could save you some money in that regard.

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    Thanks for the advice so far. I'll have to try a lot of stuff out I guess. I'd prefer something with a plastic outside layer (I like the feel and sound of it), but I'll look around. Any other advice would be great, so keep it coming if you have any more.

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    I think you can try every brand, this is one of DLs's joy and excitement come from.

    Different brands fit different people. So, No need to ask, just try it.

    Moreover, the design and features will be changed time to time for each brand; therefore, diaper leaks at this time may not happen after a year or longer time. Keep looking at all brands you can find and pay attention on the packages to see whether they are improved.

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