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Thread: Uncontrolled dribbling getting worse

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    Default Uncontrolled dribbling getting worse

    Hi Folks,

    I've been experiencing something recently, I may be over reacting but that fact that it's gotten worse and is happening more frequently is worrying me a little.

    It's to do with the dribble most guys get after they've finished having a pee. It's just that mine is no longer a dribble it's more like a mini flow.

    What happens is, after I shake once I've finished peeing I can feel that there is no more to come out. I 'repackage' everything and zip up but, in the next few steps, either to the sink to wash my hands or on the way out of the bathroom an uncontrollable flow spurts out. So much so that it will leave a wet stain running down my trousers all the way down past the knee. It's a thin line of a stain but it gives you an idea of how much pee is coming out.

    it's happening a bit more frequently and consistently. At first I thought it might be caused the trousers not allowing me to shake fully a thus trapping some pee. but I've ruled them out of the equation.

    I can't blame it on over wearing of diapers either as I've probably worn them less over the past few months than any time in the last 3 or 4 years. Any help would be very much appreciated, or is this just something that comes and goes that some people get?

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    I don't think you should ignore this - it is not uncommon but the amount you are passing is a bit more than acceptable- I guess. The information below may be useful but I think it would be sensible to see your doctor and get sorted.

    This is from the Bladder and Bowel Foundation in England, but I think there is a similar organisation in Eire:

    Post Micturition Dribble

    Post-micturition dribble (PMD), or after dribble, is the name given to the problem when men experience an involuntary loss of urine immediately after they have finished passing urine, usually after leaving the toilet. It is not caused by stress from exertion or due to a problem with the bladder, and it should be distinguished from terminal dribble, which occurs at the end of passing urine. The condition can be a nuisance and cause embarrassment. It may occur in women but it is much more common in men.

    Most men with PMD urinate normally however PMD is likely to occur when the penis is being replaced and clothes rearranged after a visit to the toilet. Trousers can end up getting wet. Men usually find that even after waiting and gently shaking, the problem remains.

    PMD is due to a weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor which surround the urethra. The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by:

    Operations for an enlarged prostate
    Continual straining to empty the bowels especially when constipated
    Constant cough, for example, a smoker's cough
    Neurological damage
    Persistent heavy lifting

    Other signs of urinary dysfunction are not normally present, although some men have symptoms such as urgency, frequency, hesitancy and straining. For older men, they may develop PMD following a prostatectomy and may have associated urinary symptoms.

    Few men admit to having this problem but a great many suffer from it and are often badly embarrassed by it. Men of all ages can be affected.

    If you are concerned about your problem and it is starting to affect your day to day life make an appointment to see your doctor, continence nurse or specialist physiotherapist. A continence nurse and specialist physiotherapist are healthcare professionals who specialise in bladder and bowel problems. You can also call our specialist helpline on 0845 345 0165 (24 hour answerphone) for medical advice, or visit our Continence Clinic Database facility in the Specialist Services section to find out where your nearest clinic is or call our general enquiries line on 01536 533255 for details.

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    That sounds exactly what I've experiencing. Also I have been doing a lot of weight training recently in the gym, I've never had any leaks there thankfully. This possibly could be linked to that as I've been lifting heavier weights than I've ever lifted in the past. I might lay off the squats and dead-lifts for a while and see if that helps before I see the doc.

    Thank you for the help, much appreciated

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    exercising your torso/legs should help with PMD or related issues, unless you've got some kind of unknown injury down there. walking may help if the gym work is too much.
    addtionally, you can try the stop/start method of training/exercising your plumbworks (as used to cure bedwetting). occasionally, when i get a bit of an irritable bladder or a need-to-wee sensation, post-urination, i find that resorting to the old bedwetting cure gets everything back on track (that's distinct from the PMD, btw).

    incidentally and ironically, my PMD tends not to occur if i'm wearing 'protection'.

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    Frankly this happen to me all the time. Isn"t this is what pull-ups are for? After too many wet trouser legs I have given up and wear something protective basically all the time. Good luck, just remember diapers also work for this!

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    it's sensible to be safe and wear soime form of protection if the leak is more than your underwear can cope with- but especially if you are young even more sense to get medical advice.

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