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Thread: A role never to be realized?

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    Default A role never to be realized?

    I know that many of us have or have had a caretaker. We love them and would be lost without them in our little lives.

    However, if you're anything like me, and you're currently in between CTs, or have yet to experience the magic or the current arrangement simply isn't cutting it, you look around. By that I mean you start to analyze, survey if you will, who in your life might successfully fulfill your need for 'guardianship'.

    So, who would be on your list? They don't have to know about that side of you and I'm mostly thinking of friends, or even family members, not so much celebrities, as a recent thread covered. Think of those who you know, but you could never bring yourself to tell and who likely would never take part.

    As for me, I have a couple of wonderful neighbors across the street. The couple are both grandparents, and the wife is so sweet and kind. Always gentle, softspoken, and always says hello and wants to know how my wife and I are doing and so forth. She's always baking something wonderful and always greets guests with her apron on, covered in flour. I just want to run up and hug her!

    Not trying to be creepy at all. I'm not saying to stalk people! Just those who you know who seem to make you feel safe and secure naturally in the way we all seek.

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    I guess my answer would be my ex-boyfriend.
    We didn't work well as boyfriends, largely because he wasn't right for it, but... As a caretaker... He was just incredible.
    If there were ever a way to each have our own lives but including him allowed to be my caretaker, I think that'd be a cool thing to try. Though I'm not sure I'd ever see it through in reality.
    Hm. Interesting idea, thank you onecho!

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    There was a babyfur I met a long time ago, when I was first getting involved in the fandom. I'm not going to give away who they are/were but for a while I had the biggest crush on them, never got the balls to say so, after one local meet they and their house mate invited me to go ABC with them as i was really tense and nervous about being openly cubby, even around other *b's, they got me to really relax and feel comfortable cubbing out around other people. They were the first person who I felt totally safe with while cubbing out and gave me a day I think I'll remember forever. My boyfriend is ok with my babyfur side and does baby me a little but has a lot of things he wont do (changing, spending any extended amount of time with me cubbed out). If it was possible I'd ask the person I had (emphasis on had) a crush on, as they were and are such a wonderful and kind hearted person.

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