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    hey guys, I just recieved my first box of bambino diapers in the mail today and must say they are the most absorbant/comfortable diaper i have ever worn. I do not have to worry about leaks and feel very comfortable while wearing! I was curious if anyone here has started to wet at night when in diapers due to comfort or some other underlying reason. I guess I'd like to experience the feeling of waking up to a wet diaper beyond my control. If anyone has any stories or opinions they would be much appreciated!

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    I woke up wet for the first time a few weeks back. It wasn't unintentional, though. I went to bed padded for a few nights since my wife was out of town. She doesn't want me wearing to bed when she's there, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I really enjoyed it!

    On the second night, I woke up and had to wet. I couldn't do it lying down, however. I stood up to do it and then went back to bed. Although it wasn't very 'authentic', I did love the feeling of waking up wet.

    To do it automatically, it takes practice and training your brain to become used to it. However, as many threads on here have warned, seeding incontinence can cause unintended consequences and many advise against it. Do your research and think long and hard about going down that road. Not trying to be bossy; just looking out for you

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    I've found in the past I was more likely to have wetting accidents during the day if I I had been wearing diapers & pullups 24/7 for a long stretch. I did have night time accidents but too but I was a regular bed-wetter for a very long time so the night time wetting could be attributed to that.

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