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    Wink home alone =]

    Ok so tomorrow I will be going home to and empty house for about 7 hours. I was just wondering are then any brands I should try as I have only tried pull ups and underjams and I fancy a change. And any help with things I can do while I have the house to myself.
    Thanks I can't wait.

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    Almost any brand of taped diaper will give you a very different experience to pull-ups and underjams and in 7 hours you can pretty well test one to capacity. You may be limited by what is available in your local chemists but go for a good brand if you can - some cheaper ones are rubbish but any of the Tena range should be OK.

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    I suggest getting some taped adult diapers, pharmacy's do brands like attends and depends, and shops like lidl's do there own brands, and normal shops like sainsburys do drynites, tenna and if you fit them size 6 baby taped diapers.

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    Ok Kool thanks. I was going to go to boots do they do tena and stuff like that in there do you know?

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    The only taped diaper I've ever seen in Boots was one of their StayDry range and it wasn't particularly good (it's not obvious which ones are taped, so make sure you get the right ones.). You might be able to get Depends in some stores, but I've heard they're not much good. Independent pharmacies are often a good bet. Tena Slip Super/Maxi are pretty good and relatively easy to find.

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