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    Kinda bugged about my latest reputation. My post was partly removed from the adult baby forum thread. Now I understand that you're trying to protect the under 18 users on the forum, but the post was in an 18+ forum. What's the gray area here?

    It's not a big deal, but it matters to me because I hold a lot of esteem in how I'm seen by other people, and this latest reputation makes me feel as though I am not being treated fairly in terms of posting what I want in the adult threads.

    I suppose this is secondary to my primary goal in understanding the reason I was censored, but I really don't even remember what I posted. So if there's a way to figure out what was said, I'd like to recollect that information also.

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    The reason is... even though the adult baby forum and even the mature forum are meant to be used by adults they are still visible and can be read by teens and the 'Don't post 18+ links' goes for the WHOLE site.

    Also there is a rule that says not to discuss rep points (+ or -) in the forums. So.... you may want to take this down before a mod sees it and you get reprimanded again.

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    For legal reason, you simply cannot post 18+ links on ADISC. All parts of the site are visible to everyone, including people below the age of 18. Giving such links to minors is illegal under just about any country's jurisdiction, and thus not allowed on ADISC. The "Adult Baby"-forum simply means it deals with topics relevant to adults, not teens. I.e. topics such as "how to tell my wife" or "how to hide my diapers from my kids". That's something that applies mostly to people 25 or 30 years or older. Teen topics go into the "Teen Baby"-forum, such as "Where do I hide my diapers" or "How do I take delivery of a package without my parents knowing?". Those topics are not relevant to older adults - they usually have their own place.

    As for reputation. If you think it was unjustified, click the link behind the reputation comment to send it to the staff members for review. They will either delete or finally approve it. The public forum is not really the best place to discuss reputation, just as you could not wish to discuss your speeding ticket in front of a TV audience either.


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    You've gotten some good answers here and as Peachy noted, this is not the place for discussing reputation. As an observation, the reputation you received was neutral rep, which is simply a message for the poster, and a helpful one at that.

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