View Poll Results: Are you the youngest, oldest, or middle child? (brother or sister)

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  • I'm the oldest and I'm AB Only

    6 4.80%
  • I'm the oldest and I'm a DL Only

    20 16.00%
  • I'm the Oldest child and I'm both AB / DL!

    23 18.40%
  • I'm the youngest and I'm AB only!

    5 4.00%
  • I'm the youngest and I'm a DL Only!

    21 16.80%
  • I'm the youngest and I'm both AB / DL!

    26 20.80%
  • I'm a middle child and I'm AB Only!

    1 0.80%
  • I'm a middle child and I'm DL Only!

    12 9.60%
  • I'm a middle child and I'm both AB / DL!

    10 8.00%
  • I'm adopted, a foster child, etc, and I'm an AB Only!

    0 0%
  • I'm adopted, a foster child, etc, and I'm an DL Only!

    1 0.80%
  • I'm adopted, a foster child, etc, and I'm both AB / DL!

    2 1.60%
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Thread: Are you the youngest or oldest (brothers, sisters, etc)?

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    Default Are you the youngest or oldest (brothers, sisters, etc)?

    Just curious of how many among us are the oldest or the youngest brother or sister in the family. I was about to post what the deal is it with role-play when I thought about how many of us might be like myself (the youngest) who have no caretaker experience. I envy my cousins daughter being the oldest and had to (for the first few years) help take care of her younger sister. I never had that. So I was curious to see who might be a DL and not AB because of the absence of being a caretaker at some point in their life.

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    I'm a twin, so I'm not quite sure where I fit into this poll.

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    I'm probably going to be one of the few adopted/only child on the site. I started out primarily as a DL, but since I've been a member of adisc, it has brought out more of my AB side. Yes, this site seems to lead on down the Baby Primrose Path. I don't have any desires to be a caretaker, perhaps because I was an only child. I do have a nurturing side, especially to my kids in school, but it is a healthy, just caring about their well being commitment.

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    I was an only child for the first 9 years of my life, then the attention flooded away from me and as much as I tried to feed my need for attention, I just could not get as much as I wanted. So I realized what my life had come to and took advantage of the lack of attention and started conducting my own activities (diapers in secret). For 6 years I had been the oldest of two, then my parents decided to have another, but by then it was only good news for me - more time for myself. Somewhere within that time frame another member of the family, my sister, who was adopted by another family, had made a reunion with us and she ended up living with us for a few years (she was only a year younger than me).

    I have some strange feeling towards all my siblings, its really weird. I treat my first brother like a rival and we are always fighting and arguing or just acting stupid with each other, like any two brothers would. But I treat my youngest (who is 15 years younger than me) like my own son sometimes. I absolutely do not correlate this relationship to my fantasy world in any way, to do so, in my honest opinion, would just sicken me. I will say that in my fantasy world, I would want to be "daddied" by someone fairly older than me, but no more than 20 years older. Next ideal situation would be to be the (much) younger brother in the relationship.

    I won't go into details since that would kinda stray kinda off topic, but its quite irrelevant since I'm not really into the whole roleplay scene. I mostly just enjoy diapers and would like to be with others who enjoy diapers too.

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    I'm really curious to see the results of this poll. I read several years ago that the youngest child of the family has a higher probability of being homosexual, so maybe there's a link between familial order and fetish? Or maybe not.

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    I am the oldest and both AB/DL. I also believe that I had a greater caretaker role than most experience growing up because my brother was/is chronically ill.
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    Oldest and both ab/dl.

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