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    I recently upgraded from Depends adjustable underwear to the Depends fitted briefs. It turnes out that I like the adjustable kind better, but whatever, that's not why I'm posting.

    I'm posting because recently I have been feeling quite under the weather and so have basically been staying in bed under the covers all day, and I found diapers to be a great convenience in such a situation. I just tape on my Depends, drink some water for my illness, and just pee in my diaper when I feel the need to go. I keep the bag of Depends and the trash can right next to my bed so I can change without geting out of bed.

    Has anyone else found diapers to be very convenient in a certain situation?

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    Yes I have done this many times just even when its one of them days where i dont wanna get out of bed like a SUNDAY heh i hate sundays never want to leave the bed but i dont bring the hole bag to the bed just like 3 or so then i keep the baby powder next to them as well. an when i really need to change then i just change it.... but if being sick ya its the best way to not have to move to much just turn on the tv an drink juice an your good all day

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