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    Hello everyone. Well just afew days ago my girlfriend asked me why do i wear diapers all the time. Well i went an told her we have been dating for just now over two years now an she said she wants to try it out an everything. An is ok with me wearing them an all. She even buys them for me at times. Even know we been dating so long its just odd for me Bc i never had i girl want to share with me like that. I have always hide it from everyone. So what do you guys think i should do she want to even go on this site to learn about it. So just wanna get some ideas what to do from others point of they an all thanks . . .

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    If she wants to start wearing then it would be good, you wouldn't have to hide it anymore because you could both accept it, and concidering you have a big thing like that in common i think you'l get on very well, if you dont want her to wear them just say so to her, be honest, but if you do then it's all good, im sure if you accept it you'l make a good couple, it's not that often that you get 2 DL's in a relationship with one another, you sir are lucky

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    Ya i never new this about her or anything. but its going to take some geting used to an everything but over time it will be fun an everything an then work up to changing each other an everything. but i told her about the DL an the fun there can be wearing one.. I wear pretty much 24/7 now an so far have not ran into any rashes or anything... just have to talk to her about how an when to change an everything an when it leaks if it does that it normal b.c we gotta use the depends max from walmart an everything.... but i will get her signed up here an all that as well.

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    Just let her wear them. You can put your diapers on her or buy some for her. Let her join here too. I think it's great she wants to try them and maybe she will become a DL too.

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    Ya it would be great.. as Nightrise said is very rare that there is a couple that would want to wear an i told her well for guys how good it feels when the first wetting an everything is so warm an just a really good feeling.....

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    If she gets used to it then start buying bulk online for the both of you, it will save alot of money.

    Rep me please? i want to get -2 so i dont have to be moderated

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    Sweet! Get her on here! Maybe she'll find more about herself while exploring the site.

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    Well, let her explore this at her own pace. The last thing you want to do is upset her by pushing too far too fast. Tell her you are happy she is willing to try and get a better understanding of this. Sending her to the site is probably a good idea as well.

    Good luck.

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    ya I will let her go at her own pace an everything. i even going to show her the mobile site of this as well so she can go on there an look things up when i am sitting here drinking an playing my online game heh.

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