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Thread: I'm sick..... ;[

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    Unhappy I'm sick..... ;[

    I have a monster cold. ;[ Headache, stuffed nose, sinus infection, ear ache, throat is sore... >_<

    I've tried EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGG. Right now I'm actually sitting in my bathroom with the shower door open on full blast hot water in the steam. MEH! >_<

    Tea with honey and lemon - Check
    Cold medicine - Check
    Vicks Drops - Check

    The one thing I can't do is sleep! D; I have a huge test on tuesday that I need to study for. MUST. STAY. AWAKE!

    Help!? Anything you can think of to ease my pain?

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    Im feeling pretty bad too..

    I was in Kansas for a day and I think I had a bad allergic reaction to something there. Caughing, sore throat, stuffed nose..

    I find that tea with honey and lemon, add a shot of whiskey (if parents allow it) that makes you feel less bad

    take benadryl to sleep, as it is drowsy and helps clear up some of the nose stuff I find.

    Take Affrin (or generic brand) for the nose. Its a nose Spray and really clears you up

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    Just wait it out. It's a cold. A cold is a virus. Nothing you can do to get rid of it. Take some benadryl, that should help with a few of the symptoms, but as for actually getting rid of it, you can't. Just wait it out. It's cold season. Everybody's sick.

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