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    I use them for what they are 4
    wet and or messy
    I also have to use them as Im incontinent (wet)

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    Hi daddytom, welcome to ADISC...but you seem to have misunderstood our forum.

    Because we allow <18s on this site, we CANNOT widely condone meeting up with other members (with the possible exception of our big, public meets). Inviting others to meet up to 'share and play' is definitely not allowed, especially as you explicitly state you have a 'sexual need' for them, too. This is not a place for personal's ads. Sorry. If you're just looking to meet people IRL, and not online support, then ADISC may not be the place for you.

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    Hi there and welcome.
    I have to agree with what Charliepup has said, if you want to talk about our various fetishes or you need advice and support then Adisc is brilliant. if you are looking to meet up,then you do need to think about other sites.
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    Hi welcome Daddy Tom I am also in the Albany area but this is not a site to seek others on. are you on any other site?

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