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Thread: Sensitive Subject - Answer only if you are comfortable. Has to do with Sexuality and preference.

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    Default Sensitive Subject - Answer only if you are comfortable. Has to do with Sexuality and preference.

    I like to call myself a "straight" individual, being I don't find any sexual attraction in Males. However I hate to admit, but I think my body has a stronger "sexual" attraction to diapers than women. In that, it takes me a lot longer to be aroused by a lap dancer than a diaper. I just recently went to my first strip club with a few friends, (I'm 19 & a virgin), and yeah, I got a lap dance with a hot topless babe that pretty much buried her boobs in my face and dry humped me, and it kind of bothered me how unaroused I was, I hope maybe it was because I had to pay for it, and it didn't seem the same as something real. I've never really had a serious relationship either, so that might be what has to trigger me in the future. I guess the reason I'm posting this is to get your "true and anonymous" (as we all are on this forum) feedback and personal thoughts on this or similar experiences with any of you. It is hard to distinguish the difference between sexual orientations and sexual fetishes. Perhaps one is more powerful. I'd feel a lot better about this if anyone has some good input.


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    Thanks, I just read every post of those three threads. I suppose maybe a few people here could help me out in figuring out my sexual orientation. I would appreciate it and answer any questions.

    I just want to make it clear that even the "thought" of kissing or loving another guy is gross IMO, but understandable for the many others out there that feel that way. I'm just saying that I'm for sure not gay, I do want to have sex with women, but it might be just for the experience instead of being sexually driven.

    p.s. Any moderator, I would appreciate if you could move this topic to the "Mature Topics" board. Thanks.

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    You can be straight as an arrow and still get turned on by a diaper.

    I'll be honest... I'd rather see a girl diapered than naked, and getting a lap dance from some topless stripper isn't something I'm attracted to at all. Now maybe if she was topless and diapered...

    But yes, I get your point... and no, it's not that wierd. Seeing some chick naked doesn't do much for me at all... and I can get "hot and bothered" by just thinking about diapers... but I still consider myself straight.

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    The Fetish is strong with you.

    Every fetish comes in 3 levels, each progressively stronger than the last. You seem to be in the third level, which means you can't get aroused (or it is very hard to) without the fetish object being present.

    Welcome to the club. I'm the same way.

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    It could just be a desensitization of things like strippers and the like, because of weird shit seen on the internet. I know that if I ever look up porn for that purpose, which isnt often at all mind you, I tend to go for EXTREMELY specific stuff, kinda weird stuff, too.

    Anyway, my point is that it could be something totally different than diapers altogether, though anyone, including me, would undoubtedly come to the same conclusion about the lack of arousal. Honestly, I don't find strippers arousing at all. Too many track marks and bullet wounds. Just kidding on that last part, just don't settle on diapers being the issue because they're the thing right in front of you. Some men go through bits of unarousal no matter what, because of some chemical imbalance or stress related deal. I mean you could get a woman of their preference to sit on their lap and explain everything theyre willing to let that guy do.. and the guy will shrug it off and go back to watching TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-ownage View Post
    I suppose maybe a few people here could help me out in figuring out my sexual orientation.
    i really don't care about my sexual orientation at all. there just lables, and lables really shouldn't account for as much as they do. if your 19 and have never been in a serious relationship, then sexual orientation should mean even less to you. if a lap dance didn't do it for you, then you don't need to go deep into trying to find out who you are because it doesn't really matter. just keep doing what you've been doing and be happy.

    P.S. nice avitar.

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    I wouldn't worry about it so much. Different people get turned on by different situations, and not everyone will feel comfortable enough to get aroused by a lap dance in a strip club in front of dozens of people (I know I wouldn't!). You'd probably be surprised by how many people there either fake it, or just get dragged there by friends with no real interest. Sexual things should really be something private, so when you sit in your own room / home alone with that special someone, things (in your crotch) may be looking up.

    Also: Moved to mature topics.


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    I can understand where you're coming from pretty well here.

    I've never been to a strip club... nor do I really want to be to be honest (that could be considered part of my point). I couldn't really see myself being turned on by some girl I don't know, rubbing her jugs in my face just to make a dollar.

    Though things could be a bit different if, maybe she was wearing a diaper... though I am the one who prefers to be diapered - it would still make a difference.

    Point is there's nothing to worry about. Everyone gets affected by their fetishes differently and to greater or lesser extents. Unless it's really, truly bothering you (it really shouldn't) there is absolutely nothing to worry about

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    I wouldn't worry if it was you first lap dace you may have been to nervous to get aroused, I used to go to alot of strip clubs, and really never get aroused, back then I wasn't sure if I was gay.

    But the thing is is still got aroused, with my other fetish, but not by the dancers, what clinched it for me is when I took one home, and still couldn't get it up, I found out I wasn't interested in sex with a woman.

    What I'm trying to say,is something may get you off, in the privacy of your own home, but in a setting like a club you are alot more nervous, you may want to go someplace quiet and private.

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