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Thread: Race and AB/DL

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    Default Race and AB/DL

    I'm curious about race and how it relates to AB/DLism. It seems to me that the majority of AB/DLs are of Caucasian descent. Thoughts?

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    This is an English-language website based in the USA. The majority of the people in the USA are white. The majority of the people who use the internet are white. There are plenty of biases that would lead to such a preponderance of race seen on this website (or almost any AB/DL website, as they all are subject to nearly the same conditions) which have nothing to do with the kink itself. Any speculation that infantilism has a nonuniform racial distribution based purely on your experiences over a website like this are meaningless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazyAB View Post
    This is an English-language website based in the USA. The majority of the people in the USA are white. The majority of the people who use the internet are white.
    It's more than that even. Probably a third of the population pool which would use an English-language ABDL site come from the UK, Canada, and Australia, which are all far more biased to Caucasians than the US is.

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    I'd guess that if there's any relation between ABLDism and race, it pertains to the culture of infant care and the regard for infantile things peculiar to each racial group, insofar as culture tends to form, albeit imperfectly, around race (among other things).

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    If everyone used a pic of themselves as an avatar I don't think we would be having this discusion. Race does not come much online.

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    Ethnicity is a better term than race, since it includes the cultural component - and I'd also point out that we've had this discussion before, look for the thread.

    It does seem to be the case that almost everyone in ABDL is either European / European origin people from the Americas or Oceania, or they're Japanese - although a couple guys from Singapore and UAE have turned up. Why this is so remains a bit of a mystery - the only explanations seem to rely on rather unconvincing generalisations about family life in non-White communities, made by people who have no first hand experience, so we're not any further forward.

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    There does seem to be more white ABDL's online who post pictures. Does that mean that the majority of ABDL's are white? I dont think so. Just like how polls can easily be biased and skewed but still drive public opinions of candidates for political office. ABDL sites tend to attract mostly white ABDL's and more importantly, those who are willing to post a picture. Think about it....there is also a misconception that most GLBTQ people are white when this is far from the truth...what is more true from what i have seen, is that minority GLBTQ people tend to be a lot less likely to come out and a lot less likely to post pictures online or show up to public events for the GLBTQ community or anywhere as an out person so people end up influenced and so sure that there are no minority GLBTQ people...

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    <--- Is part minority, does that count? (One-quarter American Indian.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlock918 View Post
    <--- Is part minority, does that count? (One-quarter American Indian.)
    probably not - it's not so much a race issue, as it seems unlikely that Europeans and Japanese have some special gene which can tilt them into diaper fetishism.
    What were the other 3/4 of your family? If they were Euro-Americans I'm guessing your upbringing wasn't that much different from most white Americans?

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    I pay the race thing, with the abdl,no mind. being afro american ^^

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