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Thread: Diapers and the Cinema

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    Default Diapers and the Cinema

    So I previously posted about activities in diapers and I noticed a few people who liked to go to the movies in diapers. (You can see that post Here )

    I thought that this was a great idea as I'm almost always painfully holding my bladder so that I won't miss a beat. It's pretty public wearing though and I'm almost positive at least one person will notice. I'm not too worried about it, but I'm going to try it out soon.

    Has anyone gone to the movies in diapers?

    What movie did you see?

    Did you feel like people were treating you differently because you were wearing?

    And finally, did you get caught?

    I'm stoked to try this soon. May become a habit

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    Depending on what you are wearing, in the confusion going on in an active theater, It's likely no one will notice (unless of course you are trying to be noticed :P). I wear in public fairly regularly and the most I have gotten is one comment about the way i was walking from a co-worker

    Personally I have only once worn to a movie once. Me and some friends from work went to the opening of Thor when it came out, and I decided to wear for fun.

    I went wearing a bambino, which has a little bulk to it, but I am fairly certain no one noticed. I almost got caught once, after the movie, while me and the group I was with were fighting with foam swords and hammers (we got them to bring to the movie) one of the people I was with hit me on the butt with a hammer, but people shouting covered any possible crinkle sound, and the hammer being made of foam covered the softened hit.

    I will probably go diapered next time I see a movie as well
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    I've done it a few times and I find it awesome not having to miss a portion of the movie going to the bathroom (especially when you've had one of those massive drinks they have there)

    Only issue I had the first time I did it, I needed to change straight after and there was no rubbish bin in the disabled stall, I almost got caught trying to sneak out to put the used diaper in the bin.

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    Funny topic. I've gone to the cinema in a nappy, actually the one I work at. With a colleague who knows I'm wearing. I don't remember what movie we watched though. And I'm going to work in one, too. I don't think people generally notice if they don't know, though.

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    I never go to a movie unpadded, and I've never had any issues with it or anyone giving me grief. The most recent movie I went to was the last Harry Potter movie, and there's nothing as nice as not having to get up during the movie.

    Probably the closest I've ever come to a problem was when I went to watch Thor, as I leaked pretty badly by the end. Happily, we went to the last showing of the night, so there weren't too many people left by the time we left the theater.

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    I think I have only worn to the movies once. I believe it was my first wearing outside of my house. Although public, the way I didn't it wasn't really. I purposely chose to do it in the winter, so the coat I wore came down to cover my bottom (or at least 90% of it). It was early in my adult diaper wearing, and I couldn't use it while watching the movie, just couldn't pee sitting there. I did pee as soon as I stood up to leave. Even with a high capacity diaper on, it leaked. No matter how good a diaper is, it can't take a MAJOR wetting at one instance. If I had done it throughout the movie it would have held, but all at once at the end, nope. That is when I was really happy I had that coat with me. No one knew, but I was glad I went alone to the movie, so I could go straight home and change without anyone finding out.

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    Most of the time when I go to the movies I wear a diaper. It's so much easier since you don't have to leave during the movie to pee. The last movie I saw was "Captain America: The Last Avenger". I drank a large Sprite and shared a large box of popcorn with my friend who went with me. I peed in my diaper and didn't get have to leave to run to the bathoom. My friend had to leave once since he wasn't wearing any diaper. I did have to change in the bathroom after the movie because the diaper was soaked and I didn't want to smell bad.

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    My preferred movie experience is diapered. I like to order a big popcorn and a giant diet coke. By the time the movie is over I am generally starting to leak. But I just trust in the protection of a) dim lighting, b) people packed together trying to leave can't possibly see the bottom of my pants and c) if I have leaked very badly I blame it on spillng my large drink in the dark trying to find the cupholder. I do like to carry a light jacket with me- not only cuz it is cold in the theater, but also to hide my wet diaper in as I come out of the stall and drop it into the trash.

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    I saw the new Lion King 3D last weekend, diapered at the movies for the first time. I went with two other ABDL friends, so obviously they knew what was up... :P

    But in all seriousness, the theater was packed but no one noticed. I was, however, nervous about leaking while sitting there but everything turned out ok. It was a great movie to see padded!

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