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Thread: Come on people!

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    Default Come on people!

    I just looked at the stats section on the bottom of the page and saw 529 users on line. 129 members and 400 GUESTS!!!

    Ferchrissakes people, sign up. We don't bite. We won't out you. I mean, you still need to show a certain amount of discretion about revealing personal information, but still. I'm about as paranoid as they come, and I'm not nervous here!

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    yeah i totally agree! just sign up! on one will know who you are unless you tell them!

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    I would not be suprised if a lot of the "guests" have accounts but don't log in unless they want to post.

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    Me too really. I guess it's easy because you can read everything on here and don't neccessarily have to be logged in. Plus, I don't really appreciate that you can see what other users are doing (for instance what subforums they are on, what they are viewing etc.) and for that reason mainly I sometimes like to just be here and read.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnBabygurl View Post
    Lol! i do that a lot!

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    the only reason i do it is because i get online on a cell but i log in when i reply.

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    The vast majority of guests are transients. If you log on too many times (which isn't many), you get told to register an account to keep reading. Moreover, these people aren't just members who didn't sign in. Such visitors will also get the "sign up for an account" screen after not very long.

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