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Thread: What do you remember of your childhood?

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    Default What do you remember of your childhood?

    I'm looking for possibilities for reasons that people may have come to like diapers. I am wondering what you remember from your younger years.

    1. When were you potty trained?
    2. Do you have any diaper related memories of before or after you were potty trained? If so, are they positive, negative, or simply neutral?
    3. When, after you were potty trained, do you first remember wanting to wear diapers? When did you first have access to diapers?

    This was an interesting link.
    Potty Training Age Facts - Potty Training Concepts

    For example:
    Based on photo albums, I was trained shortly after I was three years old. I have a few memories of having my diaper changed. None of them were negative, but neither were overly happy either. However, remembering now, I think fondly of them. I remember my younger brother getting his diaper changed, but I never had any feelings towards them at that time. When I was in second grade, I started to like diapers. My brother was potty trained by that time, so we had no diapers in the house. I folded toilet paper into a diaper shape, and held it in place with my underwear. When I was about thirteen, I "discovered" the internet. As one might guess, I eventually searched "diaper." Form there on, I could only dream about diapers, until I finally made the choice to get some, around fifteen years old. From there, it's history.

    I am wondering about your histories, and how similar, or dismaler they are to mine and all others.
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    This probably exists in some old threads, but I imagine they are closed by now.

    I was adopted when I was two. I believe I spent some time in an adoptive agency orphanage, so I imagine potty training was sketchy and perhaps traumatic. I know that I was in diapers when my parents gained custody of me because of a vivid memory. When I was four, I was saying da da, over and over again, and my mom got mad, saying if I didn't stop, she was going to put me back into diapers, and if I thought she was kidding, she still had my diapers. It was at that moment that the light bulb went off. I wanted diapers. I think I would have continued, but company was coming over, and I didn't want to be embarrassed. This memory has always been a vivid memory.

    I can remember being a little kid and getting tagged along to see woman friends of my mom who had a baby. I can remember being fixated at watching them being changed and wanting the diapers and plastic pants. This was back when most everyone used cloth and plastic pants.

    By the time I was six, I stole a neighbor boy's wet underwear which had been left on the basement steps of his house, because I wanted to be in wet pants, but didn't have the courage to wet my own pants. I would have been severely spanked.

    I think the early trauma of being rejected by my birth mother, being in an adoptive agency and then having to adjust to new parents, going through potty training all contributed to my wanting diapers now, and wanting to regress to that time of being a baby/toddler and being cared for. Oddly enough, I do have a vague,foggy memory of being diapered, legs lifted up, powdered, the cloth brought up around me and being pinned. Then the rubber or plastic pants. It will always be vivid in my mind.

    When I wrote "Coffee Stop" which I'll post in October, all the personal stories from my protagonist are for the most part, things that happened to me. The story is an allegory for all of us who like and desire diapers, and how they possess us.

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    I actually do have a memory of being diaper changed when i was little and i was being changed by my mama and it was a very sweet experience. its the only memory i have of being changed. she was very sweet about it. and she talked to of sweetly. i don't remember much of being potty trained but i remember well using the potty. i also remember well about being in my stroller and sipping on a sippy cup! oh it was wonderful! i miss my mama dearly!

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    I have one memory of getting my diaper changed, but I was in diapers for a long time. I wasn't potty trained until I was the age of 4 (almost 5) and I still wore pull ups until I was 6. I remember being jealous of the kids still in diapers in my preschool when I got taken out of them. Until, I was 13 however, I wore a diaper and then Goodnites at night because of bedwetting. I broke down in another post how I think this led to my TBDLism:

    "I wore diapers (goodnites once I grew a little) at night for my bedwetting until I was 13. I was in diapers until the age of four and wore pull-ups till I was 6 during the day. I don't know if I wasn't potty trained or not when I was 5, but I was till having wetting accidents during the day I think so that's why I was in pull ups. For as long as I remember I wanted to be in diapers, but I think the bedwetting probably added to my TBness. I liked the feeling of having the worry slip away when I slipped on my goodnite, a physical transformation almost would overcome me as I was able to relax more, my pulse slowed, and I felt more 'normal'. Also in the morning when I all I saw was a wet diaper instead of a wet bed I think that's when the connection to diapers was made, but this is all speculation. Of course I can't remember exactly how I felt and it was much simpler back then. "

    This was an answer to another post so it may have some irrelevant info in their.

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    I really don't have that many memories from my childhood. But my mother has told me that I potty trained at a very early age and that I was instrumental in training my 2 years younger brother. He had the habit of refusing anything that mommy asked him but if she left the room and his big brother asked him, he'd do it right away.

    I really didn't have any exposure to diapers until I was 21. However, there was an incident when I was 14 that might have been a trigger. I was a sensitive boy and there was physical , mental and emotional abuse in my house. One time, I locked myself in the bathroom to cry. I also had to go, but I was so hysterical that I could not hold myself still enough to aim, even while sitting. So I sat in the tub and peed all over my clothes. I remember feeling calm almost immediately afterward. I think I sat there for about 5- 10 minutes before cleaning myself up.

    I've noticed that many have discovered this part of themselves at a young age, which begs the question why so much later in life for me? The only thing that I can think of is that I grew up too fast. I've had the burden of responsibility thrusted upon me since age five when my brother contracted a chronic illness. I always had to look out for him more than most brothers because of his fragile condition. I guess subconsciously it was always there, just never came out until I was living alone.

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    I have many memories from my childhood, many bad, some good. I remember wanting diapers for the first time at about age 6, when my mom was baby sitting the neighbor's kid and I stole a pull up and tried to put it on out of curiosity. I instantly had this type of euphoria running through my body that I will never forget

    I was fully potty trained by 3, but I have had and still do have some bed wetting issues. I have no memories from before the potty training. I finally got my own diapers (I use to take them from my grandma) when I was 14, when I bought a pack of goodnites at Food 4 Less.

    Anyways, other than my DL history, I have been diagnosed with Schizo-effective, aspergers, tourette's, ptsd and anxiety disorder. I also have a history of drugs, lots and lots of drugs, and a history of some abuse I really don't want to get into.

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    I don't have any memories before potty training, but I do remember pooping in a bucket because I hated pooping in the potty. O.o Mom made sure I got over that quirk fast though.

    I snuck my brother's pullups a couple years after that, and then had access to diapers later because mom bought some for me to put on my dolls. It was actually cheaper than buying doll diapers I guess or I made my dolls use them a lot or something. Anyway, I still had some at about 10, which was when I hit puberty (really traumatic for a girl since I was one of the first in my grade and it was awful.) I also wet the diapers and my pants once at that age. Mom never talked about it but she had to have known. O.o

    After that it was only at 15ish when I discovered ageplay, and then a bit later adult babies, but I didn't join any of the groups or anything and went without diapers consistently for a long while.

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    I was potty trained some time before I was three. I have no memory of it nor wearing diapers at all. I did have a younger sibling and cousins so I still saw them in diapers for a few years after. I do remember seeing my cousin who is 6 months younger than me when he was still in diapers. That's the earliest memory I have of being curious about diapers and wanting to try them, it couldn't have come more than a few months after I got out of them.

    Other diaper memories I've posted about before but basically, there were a few occasions where I was at someones house or a preschool where a kid was still in diapers. Nothing unusual except for the time I was at a friends house and the kid there showed me a diaper and told me was there because his sister asked to wear them and their parents apparently allowed it. He acted like it was incredibly stupid and tried to throw it to the top shelf just so it would be hard for anyone to reach.

    The first time I actually tried diapers again was when I was 22, a gap of 20 years.

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    I was out of diapers at age three

    I can remember peeing in them and liking the feeling. I can remember messing in them too and have a couple of memories being changed in the back seat of the car. I remember I hated having my butt wiped. I remember being in the store and I peed in it and then I pooped and my mom didn't change me until we got out to the car and I cried and cried because I didn't like having my butt wiped. It hurt. I also remember another time I was in the bedroom with my parents we used at the TV room and I peed in my diaper several times and my dad changed me. Then right after he changed me, I peed in it again. I remember when I mess in my diapers and my parents wouldn't change me right away. Then I have memories when I started to not like them anymore. I didn't like messing in them anymore because it feel uncomfortable and then I didn't like peeing in them. So I used to take it off. I remember taking it off and peeing on the carpet and my mom had to clean it up.

    So I was diaper free for years. I remember trying one on when I was five but it was too tight and I didn't like it. I remember when I was six and seven, I put a pull up on occasionally and pee in it. But I didn't like continuing wearing it.

    I was nine when I realized I wanted to wear them again and by then diapers didn't fit me. Maybe the largest ones would but I had no access to large ones. I was ten when I did but they didn't fit but almost. I remember sneaking pull ups on occasion and then their boy was potty trained. I didn't take their diapers often.

    I was 17 when I bought some for the first time. I had money, my license and I could drive and get them myself. I have had other access to diapers but chose to not take any. My grandfather had some and my great uncle and I chose to not take any. I had no desire for them anyway because I had it blocked in my head.

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    I don't remeber ever being potty trained. However, I do remeber this one time I must have had a #2 accident when I was about 4? I remember vividly, my mother made me to wash out my undies in the toilet. All I remeber was crying terribly as I stood naked over the bowl sobbing and holding onto my soiled undies. It was very tramatic experience for me.(For christsake why didn't she just throw them out???) I assume it was to teach me a lesson, however I am sure I only had the accident because I couldn't hold it anymore. I don't think that was what made me AB though.

    Around the same or not very long afterwards I started going to headstart or preschool. My mom arranged for me to catch a ride with her friend who had two boys around my age. One was my age and his brother was a year younger. I was sent to neighbors house one morning. I can't remeber who let me in,(the father perhaps) but I remeber going to the two boys room. They were still getting dressed, well not exactly because the younger of the boys was getting changed out of his night diaper by his mom. The mother noticed me and told me to wait in the living room and they'd be out in a minute. I remeber thinking, that him wearing a diaper at age 4 was just the coolest and how it was no big deal for his mom to change him. As I came to know the family, I saw more and more how the mother was always fussing on the boys and looking after them with great care. My mother?... not so much.

    That was about the age when I came to realize diapers were the way to go. Yup about 4 years old.

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