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Thread: Chris Crocker!

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    Default Chris Crocker!

    Love him, hate him, he's completely different off camera.

    Well, not exactly off camera, but not making video for youtube. Chris crocker was on live on stickam today, I went in and OMG he was awesome.

    He's actually really funny, and pretty kind. He was watching a movie part of the time (which I turned on and it was really good). He had at least 10 people come in to piss him off, saying stuff like "faggot" or "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE", which kind of pissed off everyone in the chat, but he just pretty much brushed it off, didn't even boot them. There was this really awesome girl in there named Sofie, she was really funny, and me and her got together and messed with this one guy, because he was calling everyone in camera (Sofie was in cam) ugly and stuff.

    I hope to see him Live again soon, and maybe next time when he's in LA, he said he would introduce us to his BF O.o.

    Really he's just an actor in his youtube videos, he only really acts crazy when someone takes him to far. He's really nice actually, these people need to stop messing with him.

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    I think Chris is kind of weird...But he actually would be hot, if I never knew it was a guy...

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    Chris is weird, and he's a transvestite I believe not sure, he admits he's weird, and I'm glad he is, normal people are the people who go with the crows *throw up*.

    O also, a bunch of people from chris' channel followed the girl named heckturr over to her channel, when Chris fell asleep, and I thinks he thinks I'm a girl O.o, not sure though.
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    He's an attention whore, that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    He's an attention whore, that's it.
    What's wrong with that? It's nice

    But yeah, Chris is totally a fag, and I'd smoke him too

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    As fallen said, he's an attention whore, and he suceeeds at doing what he does.

    Personally, I hate him. The less I talk about him the calmer I'd be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    He's an attention whore, that's it.
    Pretty much says it all. He's only infamous for making a fool out of himself.

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    Something tells me I'm glad that I have no idea who this person is.

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    Little ollie


    Leave Brittany alone now!

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