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Thread: Nicknames! :biggrin: Should I be worried?

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    Default Nicknames! :biggrin: Should I be worried?

    Hey. Obviously, I'm a furry. I'm also a teenager, and one of my best friends at school is a furry as well. It's rather odd really. :P Anyway, my friend is a fair bit taller than me and has given me some pretty good advice and good times in the past. We're good friends. ^_^

    He called me "Pup" the other day. I became very nervous instantly. I thought he might be onto the fact that I am a Babyfur/Diaperfur (fursona hasn't been created yet). Turns out that I don't think he actually does know, but the experience has made me consider two things.

    First of all, I realised that as I dive deeper into the furry community (displaying art mainly), it will become incredibly hard to keep this secret away from him. I sometimes practice drawing on his character with the intention that one day I will produce a full drawing for him. I like to show him my art that isn't *BDL related, but I can't just have two diffirent accounts for everything and displar *BDL images on only one of them! That goes against the entire reason I'm in this community. Yet, I love that I can share this stuff with my friend. it's something we have in common.

    Also, much more light-heartidly. I actually like the nickname "Pup". Even if it has more meaning to me than it does to him, it's pretty awesome. Anyone else got a nickname they like and are willing the share?

    Ty all <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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    Umm I have one, but it has absolutely nothing to do with being a furry, *looks up at username* yes my nickname is chancho and yes it is based on the character "Chancho" from nacho libre. Backstory time!!!! So the first time we watched it as a family I was kinda chubby, and also I was wearing light gray sweats, and you know that part where nacho says "chancho, I need to borrow some sweats" my dad looks over at me and says it to me, the name caught on and that's how my nn is chancho

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    Boo. My friends th at I have worked with in the haunted house business all call me Boo. One day someone told me that I look like Bo from MonstersI. n . c. And somehow the name stuck. Also when I was a freshman the seniors in theatre called me Cubby. I used to have a hat from pawstar that was supposed to be like a polar bear, hence the name.

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    I got my nickname WingDog from family and friends before I was a furry, I got it after the coors/bud light beer commercial came on for the fact I am a Detroit Red Wings fan.

    Another one I have is Meerkat Matt from my co-worker, not sure how it came to be, so now whenever she sees me she calls me Meerkat

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    I don't think that he would mind if you told him, honestly.

    I'm in the same boat, except my friend knows that i'm a dl/babyfur.
    In fact, most of my friends know that i'm a furry, and i get called Roo more often than not
    it's not really a big deal if you think about it, and if you guys are good friends, it shouldn't matter anyhow. ^^

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    I'm sure him calling you "pup" as a nickname doesn't mean he's caught on.

    It's meant to degrade, or tease. Dogs are strong, adult, big dogs, mainly. Puppies are not.

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    Hey, Pup.

    I'd like to know a little more about your situation before I give you any suggestions.

    How did you get into furry?
    How did you meet your friend?
    How long have you known each other?
    How long have you known each other as furs?

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    I really wouldn't worry about it too much, if he knew you were a furry and he is too, he probably would have mentioned something more direct.

    A lot of people use "pup", "cub" and the like as a term of endearment or to refer to someone junior. I started a job recently and am on a fairly large project, I'm the junior person and will be for a while. One of my bosses has taken to calling me "pup" or "the pup". One of the first things he said upon meeting me was "Oh so you're the new pup", nothing meant by it other than me being junior (in his anyways).

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    Wouldnt worry too much, i think its kinda nice. Most of my family and friends know about my being a furry so with the exception of my parents I often get called Oz, more recently I've been getting called dook or dookfeatures because I keep mentioning the idea of owning a pair of ferrets, closer friends who know about my ab side also tend to call me either pup or kit.
    TBH I dont really have any friends outside the fandom or *b community, with the exception of my best friend from my school days, however we no longer get to talk as much as either of us would like. (15 years is a long time to be friends )

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessFox View Post
    Hey, Pup.

    I'd like to know a little more about your situation before I give you any suggestions.

    How did you get into furry?
    How did you meet your friend?
    How long have you known each other?
    How long have you known each other as furs?
    My friend got me into being a furry.
    I met him in the first year of High school.
    About 4 years.
    About 3 years ago he started. I started about 4 months later. You do the math.

    Despite what I said. I really don't feel comfortable letting anyone in my non-internet life know about my TBDLism, although I am pretty open about being a furry and into the BDSM fetish.

    Thanks for all the help so far! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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