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Thread: Calling all parents, (not AB mommies or daddies) DL with a question.

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    Question Calling all parents, (not AB mommies or daddies) DL with a question.

    I have a general question. I don't know how to ask this, other than...
    I am 28 and married to a wonderful and supportive woman. Our age has started us talking about having kids. I think you know where I'm going with this, but in case you don't... are there any AB/DL's out their who have kids? If so, is it hard to do? Or is it easy? (not making kids lol, I know that's easy lol)
    I'm talking about how we all talk about how it's nearly impossible to give up our fetish and it got me thinking about how throwing kids in the mix would work... or not?
    Currently I love the fact that my wife accepts me and even joins me, but I get to walk around the house in my t-shirt and diaper, and I just wasn't sure how this all changes or if it does?
    Basically I realise that it's impossible to give up our "vice" and I just don't want to screw up a kids life. Just want to know if people have balanced both and raised a happy health kid(s).


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    I have 3 grown up children, and I found that during the period they were in diapers my own desire to wear diapers subsided almost to the point of non existence, it did return almost as soon as they had past that stage. Your children will have no desire to have any knowledge of, or even to acknowledge the existence of an intimate relationship between Mom and Dad. Most kids will cringe if you even cuddle your partner in their presence. just keep your fetish where it belongs i.e. in private between the two of you and you will have no problems.

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    I havent found that my desires have decreased being a dad. I think its different for me because i have always been in diapers...i had already gone through the period of my life where i did my very best to hide the fact i wore. as far as the baby stuff, i keep it all in my bedroom out in the open, my bed has little kid sheets on it...a couple times my daughter who is turning 3 in january but has delays, has gotten into my bedroom and found my stuff...she has also walked into the bathroom or bedroom when im changing. she still respects me as her dad. she still comes to me when she is sad or hurt or scared...she still crawls up in my lap when she is tired or wants a hug....yes my situation is unique and for some the situation changes drastically when kids are in the picture but i guess what im trying to say is you dont have to leave the lifestyle behind....maybe be careful about where you put your stuff at but it doesnt mean life for this side of you gets boring...

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    I'm wasn't really looking at it from a fetish point of view, more of a "I like to wear on my days off" point of view. But thank you for your words.

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    I've been thinking a good bit about this myself lately, so thanks for starting this thread!

    I'm 28 as well, have been together with my girlfriend for a good while (living in different countries up until recently though), and we've talked quite a bit about having kids in a couple of years time. My situation is somewhat different as I haven't yet told my girlfriend about this fetish, so obviously that is pretty high up on my list of "stuff I need to do SOON!".

    Anyhow, back to the topic... I've decided with myself that I don't want to risk my (future) kids finding out about this DL thing of mine - as in, not at all risk it. As mentioned, I haven't told my girlfriend yet, but even if she were to be supportive or even want to take part (doubt it, but just for the sake of the example here) - I would make sure that there was absolutely zero chance of them finding anything even hinting towards the fact that I have a thing for diapers. (No stuff lying around anywhere, even in the "safest place", cos I think that kids root through pretty much anything and everything if presented with the possibility to do so; no evidence in the form of stuff on the computer, external hard drives, CDs, etc.; no evidence of search history etc. on the computer, and so on)

    This might sound extreme, and I'm not saying that this is what everyone should do or anything - this is just what I've come to the conclusion that I will do. It is probably an important part of the story that this is not a life style for me or anything like that - it's just a, let's say, quirky fetish that I like to indulge in, in different ways from time to time.

    I'm not trying to fool myself here either - I know it will be difficult, and that I will eventually get strong urges, but I have decided that I will have to find ways of getting it out that defo does not risk my (future) kids finding out about it.

    I hope that this will work for me one way or another – and I think so, but I can’t tell you yet for obvious reasons…

    If I were to be in a similar situation as you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Knom View Post
    my wife accepts me and even joins me
    that would probably make it easier to get to act out the fetish – say during an occasional romantic “mini weekend” away while the grandparents were babysitting or something. But aside from situations where I would be 100 percent sure that the kids would have no way of finding out, I would keep it as a fantasy, or occasionally look up stuff online, but again be 100 percent sure that there would be no way that the kids would be able to find out what I had been looking at.

    Whether this is of any use to you probably largely depends on how you feel about the whole ABDL thing, and if you would be able to (and willing to) set it aside – or keep it to a minimum for the vast majority of the time.

    And again – I genuinely hope I didn’t sound offensive or like I have the final answer to this whole question or anything. This is just what I will try to do – other people might have other ways of going about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knom View Post
    I'm wasn't really looking at it from a fetish point of view, more of a "I like to wear on my days off" point of view. But thank you for your words.
    im not sure if you were referring to me or not but this isnt a fetish for me. This is a deeply ingrained personality, something that doesnt have to have objects to be real for me. Every day is a struggle for me to be an adult but i do it because i do have responsibilities....i.e my daughter . I refer to my self as a "little" and not a ABDL...

    If you like to wear on your days off then wear on your days off. When you have kids you will just need to have a discussion with your wife/husband about discreetly disposing of diapers and whether or not its okay to wear them under clothing when the kids are around...

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    Don't have kids yet, but what I have thought of doing when that time comes is just getting a trunk from wal-mart, putting my stuff in it, and keeping it locked when me and my wife aren't alone.

    Maybe this will help, maybe not, maybe I just missed the whole point behind this post?

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    Red face I have some time to clarify.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJayk View Post
    maybe I just missed the whole point behind this post?
    I don't think you really missed anything. Even myself I wrote the post in one of those "I wonder moods" Probably why it seems to be all over the place and may have some confused.

    @waslost1234abc - No, I wasn't talking to you directly. I think it was more at Tuscan and the others because he talked about intimacy with the wife and how the kids cringe.

    The whole point of this post was more so just asking those who have kids (for real real not for play play) how they deal with this lifestyle (AB/DL) and still manage to be parents. Now that I have a bit more time, I should explain my thoughts and as to why I would post this question.

    "Kids today" are a lot different then years past. (I'm sure most would agree) I am from the age when you did something wrong, you would fear that awful phrase "you wait until dad gets home" which resulted in the inability to sit for a while. Today however, “dad” would have landed in jail, the kids in a foster home and mom on Oprah. I saw a post about someone being an AB and wanting to be a teacher, how they fear about their personal life “getting in the open”. Well, this is kind of the same thought. I wear diapers, (DL) why? Because I do. Just like you! I also wear because sometimes I wet the bed if I drink too much.. but this isn't my issue, my issue is how hard is it to be a parent and still live YOUR life? Heck, I feel as though like the guy who wants to be a teacher, if my kids found my “stash” and told some friends who told parents who called the Child Services that not only would I be a negative story in the paper, but then spend thousands to prove I'm a responsible parent and not some pedi-perv.
    More so just looking for a spread of real parenting stories/advice.
    Like “my kids know and don't care”, “I told them I was incon” or “Everything is locked in a trunk” what ever the deal is, just a topic for people to share what life is like with real kids and the trials and tribulations they have to (or not have to) deal with because we like to forgo the potty too. This is just to get an idea of what I might do, should we (my wife and I) take this step.

    Thank you for what you have been posting however. Keep it coming!

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