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    I just wanted to make an official thread stateing that I am back from a wild 2 months. For those that do not know Darkfinn and I just moved into a house right next to another D/L. It has taken about 3 weeks to get everything packed shifted, moved, unpacked, internet setup, and all of that. There is another thread out there in diaper talk about our Green Bathroom.
    All of this was on top of a change at work, I am now taking on a new job and salvaging what is left of a summer camp I walking into. So Nice to be back.

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    Glad you got everything all set up. Now, time to paint! lol

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    All that was this morning, I am working now on posting the images he took of me doing all of the work....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    He didn't help? lol
    He did, but he was far more active in the photo portion then the final stages of Kilz, and I did all the Paint this morning, mostly befor he was up. I am a early Bird.

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    Same. Ah, love the smell of primer in the morning.

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