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Thread: Wow, I'm Actually Doing This...

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    Hey there! Sorry if the title seemed rude or anything, but I really never thought I would be signing up for a forum like this. So let's see: I'm 18 years old and in the process of completing my second full semester of college. I like to think I'm a pretty funny, artistic person, but I'm also an honors student and as such I guess I can be flat out lame at times. (Case in point, it's Friday night and I'm in on a forum and doing Bio homework, haha.)

    As to why I'm here: A few complex reasons. One, I guess you could always go with the whole cliche deprived childhood, or just the comfort of regressing. I still sleep with stuffed animals and swing on swing sets. When I get to play the role of a little girl I feel safe. But I also happen to deal with bladder control issues, and I have my whole life. It's not so bad that I'm completely incontinent, or have to wear diapers all the time, but I do have accidents and such. I think as a result of that I began to like diapers for the security they provide, and also because I miss the times when having to worry about wetting yourself wasn't a big deal. I do have a boyfriend who treats me like a little princess often, but he's not comfortable with the whole diaper thing yet.

    A few of my interests (aside from an endless multitude of fetishes, lol) include writing (my passion), drawing, singing, and other artsy fartsy nonsense. I like tarot cards, magic, and other witchy things, as well as fairies, folklore, and nature.

    So, I rambled a bit here. Sorry 'bout that! I'm looking forward to meeting other adult/teen babies and diaper lovers and pretty much just being able to have people to talk to who understand this kind of thing. See you all around! ^^

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    Nice intro...welcome to the site (from one new person who thought they'd never be here to another)

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    welcome to Adisc! Nice Intro as well I love tarot cards and studying about magic. It's very interesting

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC!

    I guess I'm a nerd too... I'm an honors student and I was doing my calculus homework up until a mintue ago but I got distracted by the tv... then I got some food... and now I winded up back here :P I probably should get back to it though... even though it is 1 in the morning...

    I'm a freshman in college too! Only I'm in my first semester... O.o Do you know what you're gonna major in yet?

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    Thanks guys. This seems like a friendly forum, from the looking around I've done. I think I'll like it here.

    Tyki: Yay! More nerdy college peeps, lol. I'm an English-Publishing Studies and Literature major, though I'm trying to figure out how to double major in Creative Writing. Publishing Studies is basically learning about book editing, book design/binding, typography, the book business and e-books, etc.

    What about you?

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    Hi Scary,
    and welcome to Adisc, that's a well written into by the way, wish we got more of those. I'm sure you will get lots of support and advice in here. As far as the IC goes thereis a sub forum those of us who are, it's inthe Diaper Talk forum. If you and your boyfriend start getting serious, you might want to point out that you in a nappy is better then him waking in a wet bed!.. I hope to see you in the various forums.

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    I'm a tarot reader and a fellow artist as well. Good to have you aboard and I hope things have gone well for you since you first posted here.

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