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Thread: Hello everyone?! :) Wuzzup?! ;)

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    Cool Hello everyone?! :) Wuzzup?! ;)

    Hello everyone, my name is Kevin and I am 24 years old! I registered on this site because I believe I found it in a Google Search and I related to it and I am a DL soon desiring to be an AB! I live at home with my mom and oldest sister and her pet bird, a blue budgerigar named Bart! My father passed away the month before I turned 5 years old! I have been in the Bill Koch Youth Ski League and some other activities and whatnot throughout my life and I love the outdoors and all kinds of outdoor activities, excluding hunting.. I love going to the movies, reading car magazines and brochures from the past, collecting them as well, fixing my car and more! I drive a 1987 Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon and I am a very proud owner of it! I have all kinds of German stickers on it and New York stickers as well! I also love making crafts, such as for camping, backpacking, and so on and so forth! [Removed]

    I also hope that everyone is enjoying being on this site and I hope someone shows me the ropes!
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    Hi Terceldude,
    Welcome to Adisc. I want to start with an apology, I have arthritis in my hands and it's bad atm, so please excuse any typo's I don't pick up. Firstly if want ropes I suggest you try some of the forums for bdsm stuff. there are a coupe of good pages that you should look at, the first one is which is exactly what is says it is, the second explains the levelling up system that Adisc uses, each level brings with it more benefits, so have a look at That's a very good intro, do you have any other hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies?

    You say you desire to be an AB, apart from living at home what's stopping you, and I see you mention being IC, may I ask what type iit is and wether it's single or double? and how long have you been IC? lot's of questions I know, but I'm naturally nosey. There is a forum for those of us that are IC, it's a sub forum of the Diaper Talk one. As for the ropes, have a look at the forums and when you can the groups find some that look interesting and dive in. Adisc is a great site for support and advice, so if you have any questions feel free to ask, either here or in the forums.

    A couple of rules you should be aware of straight away. don't ask for meet ups as that will wake the Borg (Opps, sorry I meant the Mods) and they shall attack posts with their virtual scissors and belive me, resistance really is futile! And remember Asdic excepts 13+ year olds as members, so be careful if yuo post annything that could be classed as Adult, I've fallen foul of that on myself a few times. Hopefully I will see you around in various forums.

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