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Thread: xbox 360 gamers?

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    Default xbox 360 gamers?

    anybody here play on Xbox Live and play NHL 12 or will play FIFA 12 when it comes out?
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    I'm on xbl but i hardly play sport sports game I'm looking at is SSX's reboot.

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    Im also an xbox live gamer but just as said befor me the onlie sport game that im looking forward to is ssx cuz i had moar than 60 hours of gameplay on ssx TRICKY 3 and ON TOUR on the ps2.... But on the xbox i play cod,halo odst, crysys, farcry 2 and such... If u want to add me my gamertag is
    Meh Mah

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    I play xbox but I'm more of a ps3 person myself, I play more of a FPS player too, xbl captainsoviet76 , ps3 darkhero76

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    I play on xbl! However I cannot stand sports games, I find them very boring as I would much rather shoot something! :p

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    lol swear this topic comes up every week. I dont play sports games but i play a lot of shooters like halo, call of duty, gears of war etc and im almost always online. I'm not posting my gamertag in a forum thats public but feel free to message me for it.

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    I play xbox and I'll play pretty much anything, including sports.but unfortunately, I don't have a live subscription right now XD

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