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Thread: Greetins' from the Capital

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    Wink Greetins' from the Capital

    I'll try to keep this brief (unlike what I'm wearing as I type this)
    Malicu is how my friend pronounces Malice, a nickname I garnered in College.

    I came across ADISC about a year ago but was sort of...hrmm in a fight with myself on who I am haha. I love the idea of a warm diaper between my legs and meeting others with such an interest is amazing. Not so much into the AB/TB as I am into DL, but it's there...along with the fur part (again not my entire bag).
    I'm a bit on the thin side? Dunno, I feel weird about putting that out there haha~

    Been doing the DL style of life for about 10 years now (twenty six years young) though) almost none of my close friends know, and only one family member who happens to share similar interests as me.
    I've been meaning to get to know the ABDL community apart from all the vid sites and what not, and this place seems perfect. It caters to so many different varieties that fall under the acronym~

    So yeah, I love my diapers as much as I love my geek life style (and my bdsm life style as well)...Sort of looking into ways of accepting just who I am. Nice to meet you and good evening~

    Oh and I might add that I travel almost every month so I do get around (in certain ways). :3

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    Hi 2 Malicu,
    and welcome to Adisc, yo are right when you say it caters for all tastes, the members are very supportive as well as very knowledgable, so I'm sure you'll find the advice that you are looking for a nice intro.

    I and a lot of other members like to get to know the person in the nappy, so why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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    haha excellent suggestions new friend :3
    Well to start off I just got out of a relationship *the ship sank hard* and am still reeling from the effects of it. Sort of a sob story of me seeing things that weren't there and her being...well, mute about it. She did know that I wore and adore diapers considering she herself wears them as well...though she wears more for the AB/TB side than what I wear for (and AB & DL couple, how cute!)

    Interests aside from the whole list of fetishes I could go into. I build computers for people as a hobby, spend inordinate amounts of time reading manga & watching anime (like a geek) but I also watch things like Castle, House, Breaking Bad & more recently Taboo.
    Music & Movies are a mixed bag. Never been a die hard fan of any band or group, nor so for Actors of Actresses. I love the theater and did a stint as a techie for about 5 years (throughout HS & part of college). Fun times! I Just loved the idea of making something new that could be used for so many different purposes or scenes...striking the set was something magical to me. It's so much fun.

    As for my non-geek side, I cook a lot. I try new recipes I find on my android based cookbook. NOt the greatest chef in the world, but one that's good enough to get kissed. I'm ex-navy as well :S tl;dr I shattered both shins and had a mental breakdown/ADD and was medically discharged not too long ago...not a fun thing but an awesome experience. You'd never guess how many AB's I've met who are still in the military. Actually it's sort of funny in that I've met so many adult babies but not enough professed diaper lovers. Ho hum, I did stand up as routines were done during open mic nights at a bar in Norfolk Va~

    so uhhh
    Finished college at ODU
    joined the navy
    been an avid fetish fan for years
    love anime
    loooooooooove manga
    been in and out of relationships...never anything super concrete though. D:
    Strange and sort of wild
    That sums up Malicu~

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    hey. I'm planning on moving to DC when I graduate in about 2 years. hopefully i'll have a new friend when I get there. Although I plan on actually residing in Maryland.

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    You really live in fairfax? I live in Oakton, if you know where that is.

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    Oakton's like my backyard. I live in springfield, which is literally right next to Oakton! :3

    As for maryland, that's a hop skip & a fluffy jump down the road.

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    Welcome to the site and great introduction. I live in central Virginia.

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    haha thanks :3
    central va? which place?

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    Hi again 2Malicu,
    thanks for the updates, How onearth did you manage to smash 2 shins? one is accidental, but 2 is verging on being careless. Seriously, I'm assuming it's to do with your navy service, and speaking of which what does ":S tl;dr" mean please as I have no idea whatsoever. I served with the Royal Marine Commandos here in the UK. I know what Manga comics are as they started off being about samurai,but what are anime?

    On A site note, even if you live close to one another don't forget that Adisc isn't a site to ask for meet ups, so please be carefull, wouldn't want to wake the mods up.

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    lol tl;dr equates to "too long; didn't read" or any other assumption of such things...usually a good way of just explaining the end of a situation or story without going into a long winded speech. And yeah haha I noticed that in the rules. I, for the most part, follow most rules~

    :S is a face, an emote~

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