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Thread: Anyone here play sports?

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    Default Anyone here play sports?

    This has probably been brought up 100000000000 times, I'm sorry if it has.

    Anybody from ADISC Play sports? I've played hockey my whole life, Tae Kwon Do, softball, golf, and lots of "used-to-play's" but those ^^ are current. :P how about you?

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    Did karate while in school, but the club I went to closed down and I was kinda losing interest, so never got back into it.

    Play soccer and floor hockey with the guys at work now. It's just a "for fun" type dealie, not really competitive. We are a bunch of geeks, and as such are prone to sit on our asses all day... so we kinda started doing this just to keep from turning into blobs of jello.

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    Played hockey for most of my life. I ran cross country and track back in the day and was on our high school's rifle team. Other than that I resigned myself to playing pick-up hockey every so often and trying to get people to play walley-ball with varying results.

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    Let's see. Soccer,Basketball,Tennis,Swimming, Surfing,Windsurfing, and used too baseball but switched for spring soccer.

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    I did all kinds of team sports as a kid but as an adult I lost interest. Now though, I snowboard. I attempt to skateboard but I'm no where near good as I use to be before my titanium bar accident.

    Snowboarding though? You'd have to kill me to get me to stop. I love it to the point that one of top goals currently is to move to a colder climate so I can turn this into a daily pleasure. Better conditions for our husky too.

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    I used to play adult league baseball, church league, until my church discontinued its involvement. Now I ride my bike, especially in the summer, when I have more time.

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    I've played hockey for a couple years, and i also throw shotput and discus; i love playing all sports tho, except baseball cuz i'm absolute garbage at it XD

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    Played soccer basketball and water polo up untill 15

    Now I just workout alot

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    Yep...Baseball, Track and Swimming. I'm too light and small for football.

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    I played soccer for around ten years, although I stopped playing a couple years ago. When I was eleven or twelve I participated in a swim team, didn't really get much out of it. I participated in track last year for the tiny private school I moved from, as I was doing 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m hurdle, 300m hurdle, and two different relays..(*SIGH*)
    Currently I have been recreationally running and cycling (long distance).

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I used to play adult league baseball, church league, until my church discontinued its involvement. Now I ride my bike, especially in the summer, when I have more time.
    Was wondering, what kind/style of bike do you ride? I became interested in riding a road-bike and have been doing so for around six years.

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