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Thread: Through the Dragon's Eye *UK School*

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    Default Through the Dragon's Eye *UK School*

    I remember when I was back at school we used to watch this with Look and Read series so tryed to find it and seen from youtube :

    did anyone else use to watch this when you was at school ??? also I remember this so well because I did the play for it
    taking me back to my school years.....

    there also used to be a program as well called *ghostwriter*

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    I think Dark Towers was my favourite Look and Read series...
    Look and Read: Dark Towers (1 of 10) - YouTube

    there is a whole list of the Look and Read series on wikipedia
    Look and Read - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'd be interested to see how young we can find an ADISCer who watched these at school - have to be over 18 I'd have thought.

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