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Thread: My Avatar is Awesome. What about Yours?

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    Default My Avatar is Awesome. What about Yours?

    So yeah, what's the most awesome avatar ever? Post some, and maybe use them.

    I got my current one from the #2 gayest video game character according to It's from a game called Cho Aniki. More can be seen here:
    Sexual Moments in Video Game History

    Also a larger version of my avatar for your viewing pleasure:

    So what are your favourite avatars?

    Note this is not like the rate the avatar thread, because I'm not asking people to rate things or even mention their own avatar. I just want to see cool or funny ones from any source.

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    anything with Yachiru and im good. My current one being my favorite until i find one i like more.

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    Anything TK it's all me ^^

    Furry TK right now! And it's awesome as well ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    Ah, lucy, that homicidal bitch was so cute, you know, when she wasn't being a homcidal bitch. To the topic: Hells yeah, my avatars awesome. I can see no reason to change it. Actually, Im surprised Im not the one who started this thread, considering I keep going on about how awesome I am.

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    I always like action-packed avatars. The only two I've had (this current one, and the one before, of the mobster with a gun getting run over, from KMFDM's Adios) are images that just look awesome and make you want to get up and pound people in their tits.

    I would have changed the avatar more often, but I believe that it's become gradually synonymous with my name, so there's no need to switch it around!

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    Mine is a boy named Peach, dressed in quite provocative female attire XD The artist is an awesome erotic artist named Dmitrys~

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