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    Default Hi Everyone . . .

    HI there everyone my name is "Chuckle"
    I am 38years young, married with a fantastic wife an loving family :-)
    I stumbled across ADISC and it looks like a great community, so many interesting posts i thought i would introduce myself !
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    Hi chuckle,
    welcome toAdisc and to the growing number of UK members. I'm assuming your wife is accepting and maybe plays herself occasionally? Nice intro but how about a bit more behind the man in the nappy, so let's know about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

    I Notice you have put down IC, there is an IC subforum in the Diaper Talk main one,so I may see you in there.

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    Hi PCBaby,
    Im proud to be waving the flag for the UK
    My wife is more than accepting as she insist i wear nappies 24/7 I would say im more a DL than an AB though i enjoy both, my wife does occasionly wear herself but of late has become very interested in lactating so i get the benefit of "sucklin" ( . )( . ) an all the goodness of her milk aswell as the closness an fun.
    I enjoy a wide range of music . . . i enjoy Martina Cole an John Grisham books tho a good autobiography is a must, im currentl readin Micheal McIntyres.

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    Hi chuckle and thanks fior the update.

    Unfortunately for you , you have told me about yoyr wifes interest in lactating. This means I know have to kill you, skin you, then wearing your skin (in the same way that way that shepards will skin a dead lamd and pull the sklin overe an orphan lamb), I shall have to replace you.. You very lucky s.o.b.

    there is avery good group on fet life that is women only about lactating, and it's the aureola you need to concentrate on to help her.

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    HI again PCBaby,
    Your last post made me smile :-) as i already know what a lucky s.o.b i am, i won`t wind you up by telling you just how spoilt i really am :-)
    I couldn`t find the IC subforum in the Diaper Talk that you sujested :-/ ?

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    Hi Chuckle,
    No please don't tell me or I shall have to hunt you down for real.

    As for the IC forum go to: Incontinence . Or ff you got the main forum page and llok for the diaper Talk forum you will see this this :

    • Diaper Talk

      For any and all things related to diapers.

      just click on the Incontinence link

      and if you and your wife do need help with lactating I have posted a link on your wall that you may find of some use, but it is a womans only group.

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