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    so while I was last house sitting for my parents I tried out stitching two bath towels together to make a cloth diaper (light stitch so they wouldn't be ruined and be easy to take apart). it worked out rather well although my plastic pants (medical pull up type, not as banish and cute as I would like) barely fit over it, a bit poked out the top.

    Has anyone else tried this or some other form of makeshift cloth diaper? Any tips?

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    I used to make makeshifts out of towels all the time when I was a kid. I actually wrote an article about it, as well. I will say, though, having actual plastic pants would have been nice, even if they weren't cute ones.

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    Hehe glad I'm not the only one, though I didn't think I was. I'll have to check out that article when I can, for some reason articles don't work on my phone's browsers

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