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Thread: Hi there :-)

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    Default Hi there :-)

    I recently learned that the person that I've been dating likes to wear nappies (well, I would call them diapers!). We've been going out for about 5 months now.

    Me? Not much there, unemployed and living with my sister for now, in exchange for helping with her kids.

    Looks like supportive site!

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    Hi Radar,
    Welcome to Adisc. So to start with are you a he or a she and what is your friend? Yes it is a very supportive site and if you are looking for help understanding your friends needs then you are in the right place. Is your friend english or british as it's usually us brits that use the word nappies. Did they tell you they like to wear or did you find out some other way? How do you feel about it? shocked, ok, accepting, interested? If you look under the articles tab there is one for friends and family which is a useful read, but other than that any questions feel free to ask.

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    Hello Radar12, been a somewhat reluctant DL for many years. So nice to find this site and realize you are not the only one in the whole world. Only been a member here for a short time but the communication trail is supportive, open and informative. Welcome

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    Thanks for the welcome My friend is actually from down under, an Australian. He told me about it, and I'm still adjusting to the news. lol, maybe wondering what else there might be hidden too I guess!! So far, I just know it's an emotional need, not a physical one. He's not online with this info, so am nervous about saying too much!

    PCBaby, didn't notice the articles tab, Thx!!

    Gondola, looks like a very accepting site, thanks for the welcome

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