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    Red face Define Adult

    The last couple months have been slightly overrated honestly. People that I haven't seen since middle school, are now in almost all of my classes, and feel that they have the right to judge me in all my currently glory.

    I used to wear exclusively black, now I love electric blue and orange. Together. Perhaps they're brains exploded?

    I used to be very moody, now I'm quiet yet friendly.

    I wear temporary tattoos on my right wrist, my watch on my left wrist, and a silver key around my neck everyday. I used to cut everyday, and show them off like they were freakin' medals.

    I've changed, and although I may be more childish....I'm also happy.

    And although I am much more light hearted than I used to be in my middle school days, I'm also much more responsible.

    So, when they began judging me on my new perspective/appearance....I just started laughing. Nothing loud, but it caught their attention anyway.

    I may not be in there circle anymore, but I don't mind it. I've changed in so many amazing ways...and I'm glad for it.

    And although the word "child" came up a lot during their judgmental evaluation of me...I can't help but wonder why I didn't ask them to define "adult".

    Have any of you changed since your middle school/high school days? Has it impacted your life in one way or another?

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    Oh hell yeah I've changed since middle school. I used to get bullied to the point where I thought about suicide about everyday. Then I learned not to give a shit what people say. The next year, I came out of the closet to a very accepting group of friends (at the end of freshman year). Yeah, I get picked on sometimes still, but the difference between now and then is that A) idgaf B) I stand up for myself.

    Also, I used to be a wanna be gangster in middle school. I Noe can't stand most of them (90% of them are assholes. Not all, but 90%. I mean, they're the only ones who actually give 2 shits that I'm gay. And I find it hilarious because they're also the ones with straight F's most of the time)

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    Have I changed since the late '90s? Absolutely. Back then, I was a conservative Christian, hung out in the youth group, and was pretty quiet since my group of friends was comprised of the outcasts from all the other groups. I had really no idea of how the world worked beyond the bounds of the agriculturally-based county in which I grew up.

    Now, after a lot of soul-searching, I'm an Atheist, out and openly gay, mostly open about being an ABDL, very liberal, and I'm very much an extrovert. I've met a lot of people and have had a lot of great experiences. I've been nearly killed in an accident, almost committed suicide, and have had some terrifying lows and depressions. I feel as though I have a bit better understanding of how the world works, certainly quite a bit better than the extremely limited understanding I had back then, although to say I have it all figured out would be absolute lunacy.

    Honestly, it got better for me, a lot different, and a lot better.

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