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    Hey there, sort of new, been lurking, reading and even posting a bit.

    Still, pretty new.

    Married, wife is not very accepting.

    Interest began immediately after I began sleeping with a pacifier nightly to prevent severe jaw clenching and teth grinding brought about by the high dosage of Vyvanse that I am perscribed.

    Interest moved on to diapers, particularly fond of cloth, although disposable are truly convenient.

    Spent Saturday before last, diapered the entire day, despite family present all day long. Baggy shorts and shirt work wonders. Felt amazing to just go whenever I felt the urge and a big full saggy diaper felt wonderful - can't wait to do it again.

    This week I constructed a white leather belt / hobble to force me to crawl, can't wait to try it out.

    Have dressed as a sissy and baby boy and have yet to determine what I best identify with.

    Would love to find someone to explore these things deeper, but not sure how to go about that.

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    Wow, that's a lot of "baby" activities if the wife is not happy with it. How did that fly? I hope that you can balance your "little" side with your married life. My wife knows and she accepts. I usually wear on Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday, though sometimes there are variations. The problem with being wet in cloth and plastic pants is the smell factor after a couple of hours. I try not to be offensive to my wife so that the acceptance is easy for both of us.

    Since others will ask, what do you enjoy doing with the rest of your life? I like biking, reading and writing. I'm a professional musician so I enjoy listening to music and playing my keyboard. I'm fairly eclectic with my musical tastes, and they stretch from classical through jazz, folk, and rock. How about you?

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    It had been tough, fortunately I have been in touch with, on line only, with a local dl who has been my support of sorts, we have considered, but have yet to meet.

    Other interests? I am a mathematician and engineer, love to write although thus far have published only one book, a second and a volume of poetry are in the works. Too, in what little spare time I have I like to act and have appeased on a number of shows for Lifetime, ABC Family and FOX to name a few.

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    Well good lord I must say my heart nearly jumped from my chest. I've never seen anyone else from Louisiana. Nice to finally see someone.

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    Well, having a book published is certainly a good accomplishment, and so are the appearances on television. I've got a short story,"Werewolf" self published on Nookbooks. I've gotten mentioned on Yahoo Answers as a good read.

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    To fix what i said earlier, i have met others from louisiana (on ADISC). sorry my fingers went ahead and typed that without me thinking about it.

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