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    wanted to say hi to everyone, looking to see how others deal with the same problem i have... incontinence

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    Welcome to the site gruby254. You will find a number of incontinent members on this site, and threads do come up now and again discussing exactly that, dealing with incontinence. We discuss many topics here, some dealing with diapers, regression, but other topics as well. In fact, almost anything might be a topic.

    We hope to get to know you as a member, so please feel comfortable to contribute your ideas and opinions. Usually in an introductory thread we try to get to know you, so I will ask, do you have any hobbies? Do you like music, and what kind? Are you into sports, hiking, biking, skying, etc.?

    I'm a musician, an educator and a writer. I enjoy hiking and biking, as well as sailing and fishing.

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    Hi Gruby,
    welcome to Adisc. You might want to add IC to your profile so that others with the condition can identify you. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about it in here, they are a very supportive group. There is a forum for those of who are IC, it's part of the Diaper Talk forum, so I shall probably see you in there and hopefully in some of the other forums as well although I'm ab rather than dl. You don't actually say what type of IC you suffer with?. Should you ever need an ear to talk to or a shoulder to cry on I'm usually around.

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