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Thread: how did you get to be diaper/nappy

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    Default how did you get to be diaper/nappy

    I was in school class 5 I ask? if I going in to class 6 for the day help the wheelchair with special needs because I have the same this but I walk, talk and do think ,I like to help out
    that day the staff come down to ask? if I need the use potty. I went to the bathroom the staff pull down my pants and sit me on the potty after finsh or staff put hand on the change mat. she pick me up lay down on the mat got a nappy for top pull open put on me. and the staff come in with buggy. start to cry at pick me up hold like a baby went to room pick up a bib and put on stop to water get on my top and put me into the buggy push me out to the class with wheelchair. thank you sorry for the spelling I am not good

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    Yikes, sorry, I can't understand a word of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoaldWolf View Post
    Umm... yes?
    Are you sure?

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    This thread's first post is sadly very hard to read and it's context is quite confused. If you plan to share accounts that may appear strange, please make everything as clear as possible as to prevent the thread to become a series of people simply stating the account is false.


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