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Thread: I wish that I have a baby body

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    Default I wish that I have a baby body

    I think about this 4 long time now, have a baby body be very easy to get nappy/diaper around us, be hold by adult fed and sleep in cot

    that be funny

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    A trained carer can put an adult diaper on without any trouble - and in fact, if you had a baby body you wouldn't even be able to change yourself! Yes, it would be easier to be fed, but I find it just as easy to snuggle in my mummy's lap, or have my baby on my lap.A baby body means it is cheaper to sleep in a cot, but an adult can still improvise or build one.

    Not sure how it's funny though...

    However, I think most of us will agree that it would be good to have a baby body simply for the point that we want to be babies again...

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    it be funny find a man or woman who care about you and sign some work find the people who make people young tell then you want to be 1/2 years old

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    hmmm, perhaps good for fantasy purpose. But not a good idea for real life application.

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