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    I am a 50-something diaper lover. I was a regular bedwetter until I was about 16, but that trickled off to occasional incidents that continue to this day. My mother diapered me each night until about age seven, then suddenly without explanation, stopped diapering me, although the wetting continued almost every night for a couple years. At about age ten, I started putting a washcloth or towel in my underwear, eventually buying early Pampers.

    I have always had urgency problems, so will wear pull-ups when I know I am going to be away from home for more than a couple hours

    Now, I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants once in a while, with my wife occasionally giving me the great pleasure of doing this for me. I am sure that eventually I will be in cloth diapers every night and do not dred this thought i the slightest!

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    Welcome, Gingerman.

    Seems like you've had it pretty tough with IC, and you're not alone on that front.
    One thing I would suggest is that maybe you could tell us more about who you are beyond the diapers? Like what hobbies and interests you have, what music you're into, what you do for a living, maybe even what brought you to becoming a member here on ADISC? You don't have to share every intricate detail of your life with us over the internet, but just little things like that so we can start to build a picture of the kinda guy you are. After all, we're all human, padded or not

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy sharing with us on the forum, and look forward to reading any contributions you may have on the boards.



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