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Thread: Are Molicare diapers ok?

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    Default Are Molicare diapers ok?

    I am wondering, are Molicare disposable diapers ok?

    It seems they are the only ones i can get in a store (pharmacy, saw them in the corner of my eye).

    If it helps, the bag looked more or less the same as this:

    Also, what do they look like. I haven't seen many picture of them.
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    Links broken but I find all Molicare's good Molicare Mobiles don't keep odours in to well.

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    Molicare Super, while not my favorite diaper by a long shot, they figure reasonably well in the high-end diaper category. Pretty high capacity (much higher than other brands available to me in stores), and soft plastic outer shell. My problems with them are the lack of a waistband, the taping system is lackluster (I prefer taping panels as opposed to use of a backup tape), and their tendency to clump when wet. Not that keen on the color, either. It's only because I have other, very good diapers to use instead that this one doesn't figure so highly and for other people it comes out on top, so definitely worth a try.

    Have a look at this article on the subject:

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    I like the Molicare Supers a lot. One of my favorite diapers.

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    I just ordered a pack of the Molicare Super Plus (wife and I are engaging in some special play, so the color was exactly right) from XP. They're pricey at $27 shipped for 16 of them, so I hope they're as good as advertised (I really, really don't need the kind of capacity an Abena 4 delivers).

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    As far as plastic-backed diapers go, they are the absolute best I have ever used.

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    i have used the molicare super plus, and although not the best diaper out there, they were not the worst.

    The cover definitely takes some getting used to, its really stretchy compared to almost any disposable out there, almost like a rubber cover! Going by online advise, ive always taped them up nice and snug and have never had a problem with them. Alot of people have found that if you dont tape them up tight enough, the tapes will pop off or once the diaper cover stretches a bit it will sag badly.

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    I liked the Molicare Super Plus when I had some. Very soft and pretty absorbent. They are definitely worth trying

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    I'm using Molicare super at the moment and I'm liking them. They handle 2 wettings quite well. The tapes can come undone, as others have mentioned on this thread.

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    They work well for most depending on your shape, definitely better than store brands, though abena's fit me better your millage may vary, overall there not a bad choice.

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