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Thread: Would you step up?

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    Default Would you step up?

    I was just pondering the way the world is heading and I feel like we are coming to the edge of oblivion and we are in drastic need of change. So if someone said that they were willing to fight for change no matter how much it costs would you follow them. I am finding that the American government is far too corrupt and they are abusing their power far too much and going against the constitution in certain areas. The thing is our country was founded on questioning authority so if some rose up to try to change the government and start anew would you follow their leadership?

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    No, I wouldn't follow someone who had a blazing ambition to change the world no matter the cost. The only thing worse than a lot of people with a lot of power, is one person with all the power.

    At least in today's society we allow there to be a conflict of interest, debate and argument, so that all sides have the chance to consider the best outcome to any given circumstance. If it were just one person making all the decisions, things would get incredibly slanted in ideals, biased and bigoted. And I'm sure we can all recollect a time in the past where this has happened.

    Need I say more?

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    Depends on the cause really. To be honest, I'm not sure we're there yet...

    One thing that scares me though is that taking down the government would be considered terrorism, so all these anti-terrorism things that we are glad exist today might well be the things that keep a corrupt government in power tomorrow.

    So funnily enough, the only reason why I'd want to stop the government is because they seem to be taking steps towards making it impossible for citizens to stop the government.

    You guys have the 2nd Amendment (the gun one right?)... I really think you missed a trick there. In the gun thread, people say that the reasoning (or one of the reasons) for this amendment was because one days guns may be necessary for stopping a corrupt government. Personally I think they messed up here, since they made the dangerous assumption that guns (or arms, or whatever the thing says) would be enough to stop a corrupt government.
    I'd quite like one of the bill of rights (for this country too) to be about the majority of the population always being able to stop the government, if they were to choose too.

    'Fighting for change'... what change exactly? If the people who want to start the government anew are worse than the current government... then no way.

    I'd rather fight with words though.

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    Dave there were lots of guys who were like you in the sixities, they all wanted change, well nothing changed much then and nothing will change things now.

    Even the guys who wanted change, flipped, and became part of the corperate minds they were trying to change, It's all about money, they who have it want to keep it, and they who want it keep trying to get it, no one is out for the good of the country or the planet, there out there for the bottom line.

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    I vote too. And will on Nov 4th. I defended that right for 20 years and will exercise my constitutional right in every election. Both general and primary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    I do, I vote. = )
    That's great.

    Its funny, to see people talk about how they want to change things, and how hard it will be. Really - something as SIMPLE as voting changes things. That's one more person, one more say, and it makes a big difference.

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    And that's not to say I would be against a larger undertaking. I sort of WANT to be arrested for being in some kind of protest.

    But the truth of it is, most things in my life will not affect the government. I live in Oklahoma, a predominantly Republican state. When I vote for a Democrat, they usually do not win. But I try to get my friends to vote, and if they don't, I tell them to shove it when they complain.

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    When I vote for a Democrat

    we are in drastic need of change
    What do we need to change?

    going against the constitution in certain areas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Fedgov is pretty much ignoring the 10th Amendment.

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