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Thread: How did you start?

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    Default How did you start?

    Hey everyone, I am ready for my try at diapers. I have been wanting to for a really long time, but being that I live with my folks it's been hard. But reading on this site I realized I can do it, what with everyone's secrecy techniques and everything. And I can go buy them myself with no worry and I am not worried about embarassment at the store. But I want to know how did everyone start? Did you start by wearing to bed and then trying during the day when no one is home? I think I may start at night but I am home alone quite so I am not sure if I should start during the day.
    Also I am undecided if I want to start with a traditional diaper or a pull up. Any suggestions?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Anytime you have privacy for a while is a good time. ^_^

    Doesn't matter day or night, the diaper will still feel the same.

    Oh, and get a "traditional" type diaper - that is the one with that you have to tape up. A lot of adult brand pullups aren't good.

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    Yeah I typically wear at night but that is just because I am always too busy to wear during the day. Try going somewhere with one on, just try to hide it though because otherwise you are opening yourself to lots of awkward questions.

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    I used to sneak a few of my sisters' pullups when I was pretty young. When I was about 15 I walked to a local drug store that was a mile or two away and bought a pack of Depends. Ironically, I knew nothing about adult diapers and was trying to buy basically the adult equivalent of a pullup. I saw "briefs" and thought like underwear briefs and figured that was the right thing. Sure enough it was even though it wasn't what I thought I was buying.

    But yeah, like the others said, get "fitted briefs" which are the tape on kind.

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    I love the disposable diaper.

    I will wear the diaper in the bed, go to somewhere need long time on the bus or just the time I want !

    Just enjoy it ! Time is nothing.

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    I would definitely suggest a fitted brief diaper-type rather than pull-ups. Granted they will be somewhat more noticable if you're wearing at home around your parents. But, I feel as though they're more enjoyable. I started out wearing in my room, or whenever no one else was around. Just wear at night, and whenever you get a chance until your situation changes. Good Luck!

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    As long as you plan ahead.
    If something goes wrong, always have a backup.

    Me, I always have a backup plan, for my backup plan, FOR my backup plan.

    As for diaper suggestions....
    Store brands are sometimes good. But not all of them carry a store brand (which, I don't get)

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    I envy you for having a choice between tape and pull up. The answer is simple, tape every time. I have no choice unless I am really lucky!

    I started by taking my cousins diaper when I she was a baby. I was a particularly naive only child and so had no idea what it was. But I tried it on and I liked the feel of it. I eventually worked out what it was and was interested since then. About two years later my interests spread from just diapers to other baby stuff and bieng babied, but I don't know what caused that.

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    for my first buy, i bought some depend overnights and wore them during the night. I slowly gained the courage to wear during the day but these days with work and school it gets uncomfortable really fast.

    And like Hexaod said, have a backup plan available!

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    I don't know if this thread is supposed to be how SHOULD I start or how DID you start. Because a lot of people in here were just posting how you should start. Anyhow, I always loved diapers when my mom was busy working and I was at a daycare, cool girl that was older than me there, we were good friends. Should have stolen some.

    Got some small pullups at my grandparents house remnants from when my cousins that live a ways a way away from me in Michigan, tried that, = love.

    After that, I "borrowed" some from my friends brother, who wet the bed = greater love.

    I will not post the long story of getting actually good ones. Too long, too boring for you people.

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