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Thread: Hello everyone :D

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    Red face Hello everyone :D

    The names Chris~ I guess to start with... I've had an interest in diapers and the like since I was little... And I used to be ashamed about it for awhile, but I feel like in the past year I've come to terms with it and accepted it as part of who I am ^-^. Don't know if I'll ever get around to telling my family about it though haha. I joined this site a bit ago just to be around people who have similar interests, and it's nice to know I'm not alone. But I turned into bit of a lurker, hence why I'm posting xD. Felt like it was time to do that!

    More about me:
    I'm 18, and just recently graduated high school, so I'm at that point where I don't really have a clear idea of what I want to do xD. I love art and drawing, so I think I'd like to do something with Graphic Design and Illustration. Guess I'll see how that goes in the future :P. I love reading, and I also enjoy playing games on the computer, but I'm starting to cut down on that because I feel like it used to really be all that I did. And... I think that's all for now ! Thanks for your time, and I hope we can all become friends :P

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    Hello Chris,

    I too am very new here and was afraid to join for some time. Been a DL for a long time. But more importantly now at partial retirement age am working hard on my watercolor technique. Glad to hear you like to draw just remember it's like learning to play the piano-you have to practice at least a little each day.

    Greeting and good wishes, Gondola

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! That's cool that you do watercolor ^^. I've never really given painting a try, but maybe I will some day And yeah, I have to start practicing drawing more often haha. I used to draw a lot during school last year because of the classes I was taking, but during the summer I didn't really draw much... so I'm trying to get into the habit of trying to draw a bit every day :P

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    Welcome to Adisc Chris Hope you have a splendid time. I'm currently trying to be an art major to do Graphic Design Its fun but it's a lot of work! What kind of computer games are you into?

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    Lately it's just been free-to-play MMO's hosted by Nexon NA ^^; such as Mabinogi, Maple Story, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, etc...

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    Welcome Chris Nice to meet you, I had the same thing where I use to be ashamed of wearing diapers and being a tb but then like you I came to accept it, and got on this forum.

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    Hola Chris!!

    In the nicest way possible, well done on growing a pair and joining ADISC - one of the best decisions you'll ever make
    Also glad to hear you've accepted yourself as a DL... I'm still coming to terms with it after goodness knows how long, so you're doing bloody well!!

    Aaaaand as you may (or may not) know already, there are a number of talented artists on the board putting up commissions and artwork of their own... so if you're up to it, feel free to show off some of your own work on the forum or in the gallery. =)

    Happy posting,


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