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Thread: hi there :/ a nervous introduction

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    Default hi there :/ a nervous introduction

    Kind of a nervous introduction here, I am a 23 female from london uk. Just looking to chat in a similar situation to me.. well here goes...

    In the last 2-3 months I have become more active again on the ABDL community after trying to ignore my feelings for about 2 years. Silly I know :/
    I started getting the urge to try wearing a diaper at about 15-16. I took from younger family members sometimes but never fully explored until I was about 18. It was to hard to try and do this whilst under my parents roof, as I ONCE kind of got caught by my mum but actually came up with a really good excuse *phew* but still pretty embarrassing...

    I moved out when I was 19 and every other few months I would buy a pack of dry nights as I never wanted to take the risk of getting caught by my boyfriend I lived with at the time. At this point I only felt the urge every other couple of months to wear and then the urge would go away. At 21 I moved back home for a bit and the time to myself made my urge grow stronger. I finally got actively involved in the ABDL community and met up with a couple people on, meeting up with people really freaked me out, not because they weren't nice but because I was actively indulging in things to do with my my fantasies and after a few months I moved to America to stay with friends for just over a year and put the whole thing to bed and tried to forget about it. I think I knew in the back of my mind I would never be able to outrun my feelings or fantasies.

    When I moved back after 1 year and 4 months I met a guy, moved in with him, and about 4 months ago I saw a huge pack of proper incontinence nappies (Tena Maxi Slip) in a local chemist near our house and started having thoughts and feelings again, I eventually plucked up the courage and bought them. I have been hiding these from my partner for the last 3 months and luckily he works a lot a he is not a very observant guy so it's pretty easy to hide things in and around the room (I keep everything in a padlocked bag though) somewhere very private.

    I think if I had gone into the relationship with these thoughts and feelings I would have probably sought somebody who I had the intention of telling but I went into this relationship thinking these urges would not come back or not really knowing how far the relationship would go. I really love him and would one day hope to marry him but I honestly feel in my heart he is not the kind of person who would understand or be excepting of my ABDL side. I'm lucky in the fact that I get to use for at least 5-6 hours of the day at least 3-4 times a week (at work and on days off when he's not there). I don't feel guilty about hiding it but I would feel guilty about meeting up with any such "daddy type" figures like I have done in the past when single because I am a very faithful person and would consider this almost like cheating.

    In a months time I have booked myself in for one of those paid nurseries where you can be looked after by a female nanny, sleep in a crib and indulge in some amazing fantasies (as I'm not attracted to women I don't consider this cheating as it's not the same). I have never really acted as an AB but more a DL. I feel I have a kind of AB persona. I have a bottle and a pacifier and sometimes like to use these in private when I'm wearing a diaper. I am very nervous about going to this nursery but also very excited and think I am going to take the plunge.

    Wow this has been a really big rant but I feel really good for telling you guys a lot about myself and I hope to chat to other people maybe in my situation with some advice and stuff and hope not too much bad judgement

    Thanks for reading (if you've got this far)

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    Hi BabySophie,
    welcome to Adisc and to the growing number of UK members. That is some intro and to be honest a little too much info on the ab side of things, for a first post most people tend to stick with hobbies and interests, favourite types of music, movies, books that sort of thing, and which Id' still like to know about. But to try to answer some of your questions. The binge/purge cycle that you describe(wanting to wear, gettign frightened, not wanting to wear) is very common in the ab world, so common most of us would call it 'normal', but running off to America is fairly extreme.

    To tell or not to tell, that is A question. With my situation it is different as I'm IC I have to wear some form of protection 24/7 and when I was seeing my then GF, later fiance and wife she had to be told about it. But it wasn't until we were married that I summoned up the courage to yell her about my ab side. Fortunately, she was very understanind and accepting.. So my advice would be to talk to him sooner about that side of your rather than later. If he loves you, whilst he may not understand why you need to do it, nor may he want to take an active part of it, he should at least realise that it is a prt of what makes you, you. Better that he be told than to come home from work early one day to find you onthe bed, wearing a wet nappy and drinking warm milk from a bottle. I realise that telling anyone is a big risk, but if you are going to lose him over something you already admit you can't stop, my advice would be, better to lose him early in the relationship than when you are very serious about each other or married.

    Obviously this is your decision to make. If you decide you are going to tell him, then your next decision is going to be when and where. If it were me doing the telling, I would probably do it at home. Don't go all out and do a romantic meal for 2 with wine as by the time he's finished, the last thing he will expect to hear is that you like wearing and using nappies ( assuming you do use them for at least a No 1 (weeing)). So one evening ( and I would suggest an evening when he has to go to work the next day, tell him on a Friday night and it could be a very stormy weekend), once he's home and relaxed a little, make a tea or coffee (NO Alcohol) sit down with him and as difficult as it will be, tell him. Start by telling him that you do love him, and (if you are ready to say this) and that he could be the one, but there is something you need to tell him, that he might find upsetting and then off you go.

    It might help you beforehand to write down a few things, so if you do become tounge tied, you are prepared. So things to jot down might be. It doesn't mean you love him less, or that you wear them because he's not giving you something you need, explain how being a baby in nappies makes you feel. I don't know if nappies are sexual for you or not, if they are you need to talk about that as well, ( for me it isn't). If you have any idea why you like nappies or how you got started with nappies, jot that down as well. Also jot down that you have tried to stop and despite several attempts, keep comoing back to them.

    Once you've told him, try to tell him that you hope he can still accept you as you are still the same perosn he knows and loves, at this point you could also ask him if he would be prepared to see you in a nappy (if he would, that's a good sign), also say that he could always try one on himself, or that he could put one on you if HE wanted to, don't force this, explain that he doesn't have to do anything, that if he is turned off then you will try to stop again but if that's not possible you will keep it private and he will never see it. Talk to him about the possibility of him taking an active part and bring up the subject of daddy/baby, making sure he knows it's not going to be a 24/7 thing, you could also mention that ther are a lot of people like you and introduce him to Adisc aas there is a very good section for family and friends in the articles section. Finally you can explain that in a partnership where the non ab does take an active role, that the relationship can develop into a much deeper relationship, based on love and trust and that such partnerships are usually much more committed to each other.

    As for the nursery, you wouldn't like a baby brother to go with you I suppose (Just joking, don't freak out). It's something I've thought off and if I ever had the sort of money it costs, I'd probably do it as well. So you go and have fun and enjoy it. Whatever happens, you can come back and tell the rest of us all about it and perhaps even consider wrtiting an article about it for Adisc.

    Hopefully there will be a lot more people that talk to you over the coming days and weeks, some poeple will judge you, but I think you will find that most of us are supportive and genuinely caring.

    that's it for now, take care and welcome again. I'd still like to know about hobbies and interests

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    Wow! That was a huge introduction!

    What an interesting story. I feel like you might get more comments if you posted that in the AB section instead though.

    Why don't you tell us more about you as a person, your interests and hobbies, etc?

    What sort of music are you into? Do you play any sports?

    Also, I used to live in London, and it was awesome! I'm so jealous you still get to be there!

    Welcome to ADISC

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    Thanks for your response so far that was really thorough. Running off to America may have seemed a bit extreme but my father (who I have not seen in many years) lives there and it was sort of an excuse to go visit him to, although I did not stay with him.
    Sorry about the rant, maybe I should post this somewhere else too so I get more response.
    Yes I do use them for number 1 and number 2, both enjoy equally. I do not get any kind of sexual desire out of wearing nappies, I like pretending to be a baby in my mind, even if I don't say anything, I like to feel young and protected in my nappy.

    I have already told him I love him and he was the one who has already suggested he wants to marry me one day.

    A part of me enjoys wearing nappies more than I do with being him sometimes, that worries me slightly, but to be honest I would choose wearing nappies over anything.
    I will be honest I don't think I have any intention of telling him any time soon. I know I'm a coward, blegh.
    Anyway if I pluck up the courage to go and stay at this nursery I will try and rekindle my memories on here. There is like a knot in my stomach thinking about it.

    Hobbies and interests...
    I guess that would have to be going out to rock and metal clubs, taking photos, designing and making clothes and jewellery (kind of what I do in my spare time). I love traveling, hence the trip to America, I'm pretty relaxed about where I sleep, I pretty much just sofa surfed for most of that trip, meeting new people traveling to new and different places across California. It was pretty beautiful.

    Sports... I swim once a week and I cycle everywhere, because I'm sure as you know in London we get around everywhere on buses and trains and if your like me who thinks over the last 5 years the price of travel in London has gone up a RIDICULOUS amount I prefer to cycle everywhere as long as it's within a 5-10mile radius, and I didn't just decide to buy a bike because it's "trendy" or "cool" which a lot of people in London do these days, I've actually been cycling for the last 3 years.

    Umm yeah that's it I think
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    Welcome to the community I hope enjoy your time and get to know us we are a friendly bunch

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    I have tried to search in the groups but maybe I am doing it wrong but do you guys know if there are any London based people groups on here to meet other people on this site from London? Not to meet up just to see if there are any Londoners on here etc etc?

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    hi Sophie,
    click onthe comminity tab at top of page, select members and then in the search window hat comes up put lodon or englandm thgat shoukl=d fetch a fair few for you. Buty you might not be able to do that yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babysophie View Post
    I have tried to search in the groups but maybe I am doing it wrong but do you guys know if there are any London based people groups on here to meet other people on this site from London? Not to meet up just to see if there are any Londoners on here etc etc?
    Where abouts are you in London? I live quite close, know of a fair few who do actually!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babysophie View Post
    I will be honest I don't think I have any intention of telling him any time soon. I know I'm a coward, blegh.
    This isn't being a coward - it's being realistic. If you're not ready to tell him, you're not. Don't do it until you know that you're ready, and know what you want to achieve by telling him.

    Also it's cool that you are so into cycling! Congratulations on a great intro!

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