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    Hello, my name is Cari. im 20 years old Male. im from Vermont a small state in New england. i recently began wetting my bed again after being dry for 3years i also just told my girlfriend about my issue im thankful she is understanding. so i decided to find a open minded community. i am a huge skier, it is my life completely. i am a registered EMT, even though i've never done anything with it.
    I play WoW like no tommorow when there isn't snow on the ground. I love to race my car also car mechanics is what i love to do for work its really rewarding. i am looking for support in this, and possibly even give me tips on better fits and brands

    Thanks everyone, Hope we all become friends!

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    Welcome to the site Carl. We have a number of incontinent members here, and I think you can find a lot of support. It's not always easy dealing with incontinence in the midst of work and busy schedules, but you'll find others who find ways to cope. You can list IC in your profile, that will help identify you to other incontinent members, assuming you so choose.

    I used to have two cars which I raced on the quarter mile track. There's nothing like the thrill of speed and the roar of a high powered motor.

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    Hi cari
    I am also ic as well. I have been for quite a long time. How r u coping?

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    hey im accually dealing with it quite well. i was worried at first but its not that bad.

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    Hello Carl too,
    I am new as well to the website, but not to IC or DL. The former now for about 10 years and the latter for more than 50.After many years of angst, finally figured out just 'go with the flow' and the best part of being mostly diapered is that you don't always have to be looking for the next restroom.

    Good wishes, Gondola

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