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    I am Jade
    I am 18 and originally from london.
    I am 5ft 6, brown haired blue eyes.
    I have a brother and sister both are doing well in school and college
    i have kitty called Kai and she's almost 4.
    In my spare time I love to paint and draw, sing and write emails. As for music I love r&b and pop
    I also love shopping when my mum takes me
    I also love 90210, GossipGirl, OC, Greys Anatomy.
    I have always had a bladder trouble even from a young age and now I am a user, i am not totally incontinent just at night and some during the day.

    I also have this Hemiparesis which basically means i have a weakness left arm and right legSo lots things i can't manage properly, like showering, bathing etc.
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    Would you like to tell us some more about yourself? It's always a smoother entry to the forum when you share more information in the intro. Sports, school, TV shows, etc. Are you in university? Do you have a job?

    Pretend you're in a school dorm and you're introducing yourself to roommates for the first time.

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    Hi Jade

    Welcome to ADISC.

    Good to see some more Londoners ! What else do you get up to ?

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    Hi PrincessJade,
    Welcome to Adisc and the growing number of uk user. Very nice intro, despite Nate asking for more info! If you are interested ther is a sub forum for those of us with IC under the Diaper Talk forum, so I shall probably see you in there and hopefully in some of the others as well. Just as a mattter of interest was it the fact you are IC that got you into the TB side or did they develope seperately?
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    90210 is stretching back some. Or is that the remake they just came out with?

    I also wanted to offer a teensy suggestion. In a few of your posts you mention your sister and/or mother helping you change.

    Since you only mention a bladder issue and no other physical disability, I would suggest waiting until you have more of a presence here before posting things like that. For two reasons:

    1: It sounds like a fantasy. Which is fine, but in the context of certain discussions in the forum it can be really annoying when people blur the line between fantasy and reality.

    2: If it is the truth and your mother and sister do help you like this, it's going to raise questions as to why, when you're clearly physically capable of helping yourself and an adult no less.

    I do believe that some kids have bladder problems. But it would be a pretty extreme circumstance for a relative to be giving assistance in that fashion.

    Not trying to back seat moderate or accuse you of anything. I just don't want you to get off to a bad start by giving off the wrong impression. I came very close to making that mistake myself when I started out here and I hate to see it happen to others.

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    Nate are you reading something I can't see. Because as far as I can see she doesn't mention being changed by her Sister or her Mother

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    Nate are you reading something I can't see. Because as far as I can see she doesn't mention being changed by her Sister or her Mother
    He doesn't mean in this thread, but in some of her other posts.

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    2. No I am not always able i have weakness in my arm and leg which was was born with which makes using cutlery, doing normal things that normal people take for granted a trouble. Sorry I didn't mention it in my introduction post.
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    Hi Jade, welcome to the forums!

    All I'm gonna say is if you're into mainstream/pop music and R&B, we're gonna get along like a house on fire.
    Be sure to post around wherever you feel you got something to contribute, and don't feel like you have to hold back - everyone's pretty open and very understanding of each others' circumstances and opinions. That's what makes ADISC awesome.

    Enjoy posting with us,


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    Sorry to butt in but look at it on a practical note how hard is it change when you have got a broken arm etc. I also have permanent exhaustion as well. (My leg feels like a tonne of bricks)

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