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    Hey! I'm Cam. I'm from the East Coast. Figured I'd say hello and see if there's anyone else from the similar areas I'm from. I'm a real nerd, I love working on websites. I own my own business. Just generally a fun person to be around.

    Ask questions if you wanna know! I'd love to answer.

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    I'm sure we do have plenty of people from the East Coast, however since meet-ups aren't permitted here, certainly not in an introductions thread, it won't really matter either way, right?

    Basically, because we've got members from the age of 13, we work super hard to protect them, and people asking for folk from one certain area are generally looking for a meet-up!

    Why don't you tell us more about yourself? Do you read? Do you enjoy any sports? What's your favourite type of fruit?

    Welcome to ADISC, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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    Well, I'm an AB and a DL but I've also got a pretty reliable Daddy side too. I've always been told I'd be an awesome dad (we'll find out next year! :P ) but until then, it's fun to RP.

    I've got a bi-polar disorder which makes things difficult sometimes... okay, a lot... but luckily I've been successful in dealing thus far, albeit it's been rough.

    I love food, especially fruit dipped in chocolate... mmmmmmmm...... And quite possibly my favorite series for books are written by ken follett. He's awesome.

    I love LOST and Family Guy. I LOVE CUDDLING I like to read blogs, and I'm an avid gamer.

    My girlfriend and I are having a baby soon - which is cool - but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to give up being a baby myself. So, I might post about that sometime soon... being that I'm scared and not sure how to feel.

    I love Football, and other sports. Hockey is my least favorite, but it's still a favorite!

    I'm not new to the ABDL scene, in terms of experimenting for myself, but I'm new here. I think I had an account before, but I didn't know the e-mail or anything, so I just made a new one. I hadn't posted at all before on that account anyway, so here I am!

    I think I'm still searching for what I want in life. I really have been feeling lost lately and that might be why I'm reaching out here. I'll probably start blogging again, so I'll post on my profile. My girlfriend knows about my AB/DL side, but doesn't much know the side of me that want's to diaper her and be her daddy! hehe... I love to regress little girls, especially if it's forced. But that's a bit more of a conversation I'll have if you want.

    Thanks for reading! Hope all is well!
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