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    Hello everyone. I finally bought some diapers. I just went into wallmart and bought some depends adjustable underwear (they didn't have the fitted briefs.) I will probably go to a diferent store to buy the fitted kind, or better yet, get some abenas online once I figure out my dorm's package policy.

    As of this post, I am wearing my new diaper, just after buying them. The thing that surprised me the most was just how calm I was buying them. I just told myself over and over again, no one cares what you are buying, and went throught the self checkout. I haven't tested how much it will hold, but I don't have high expectations. Still, it's a big step psychologically.

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    Something about you sharing has touched me deeply. Thank you.

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    congrats, how do they feel so far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvinsforbiddenlover View Post
    congrats, how do they feel so far?
    They feel like briefs, only a bit thicker. They're not that diaperlike at all, but buying them gave me courage, which is what is important.

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    Absorbant underwear was my first purchase as well. Welcome to the fold little one.

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    Congratulations. My first ones were also Depends (before I knew about on-line premium brands. I shop at Wal-mart a lot and with frequency, it will get easier, especially with the self checkout registers. I still like the plastic backed ones, used to be called Maximum absorbancy with the 6 tapes. Enjoy your new freedom.

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