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Thread: I like buying diapers, how about you?

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    Default I like buying diapers, how about you?

    Don't get me wrong, I love wearing and using my diapers as much as the next guy (or gal). But I really like buying them from actual stores. If I'm padded at the time, thats even better. I enjoy shopping for them, looking around, and checking out. Sometimes a salesperson or cashier will have comments in passing, or I'll make quick small talk. Stuff like being asked, "Did you need a bag?" I'll answer, "No thanks, they've got a handle." Or recently at Wallyland I had a cashier ask if the adult pullups I was buying were any good. I told her I hadn't actually tried them yet, and thats why I would buying the Tena overnight pads too, to use as a stuff.

    So anyone else get a kick out of diaper shopping?

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    I love buying diapers, which is why my stash is so over-the-top large. It's great to be able to go a week without wearing the same diaper twice! Can't say I've ever enjoyed a conversation about diapers with a store employee, but as I only get the baby kind, it would be a bit less awkward.


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    I'm totally with you!

    There's nothing like going shopping in what's probably the biggest diaper store of Europe, a whole warehouse filled with nearly every kind of diaper and related items you could think about, discussing with the employees and the shop owner about the specifications of the various products.

    Visiting a place like that was one of my most recurrent diaper-related dreams some years ago, when I was asking myself if such a place actually existed in the world, and it's so lovely to know that now it's not just a dream anymore!

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    Wow Quattrus, I envy you. Really wish there was someplace like that around here. To get good diapers, I have to order online. To enjoy shopping, I have to buy low quality diapers... Wally, you need to strike up a deal with Bambino and ABU

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    I like the thrill of getting new nappies, but I always get nervious while choosing them, and in front of the cashier my hands still shake a little when passing the money ><, the best feeling is when I have them safely in my bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyCorry View Post
    So anyone else get a kick out of diaper shopping?
    Yes! Yes! I know exactly what you are talking about. Though sadly the closest to conversation I've ever had with a cashier is one one asked me if I was sure I bought the right product. But early on when I bought my first package of Depends, (I was sixteen and it was early in the morning so no one was at the store) I pretended to be sheepish and though the cashier didn't say anything she smiled at me as if she knew they were for me.

    The whole process is awesome. It's like I'm getting a fraction of the attention I want when I'm wearing and using diapers out and about.

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    I never enjoyed the actual purchasing part in a face to face store. I am excited going down the store isles, especially if the store is running a sale on Depends I sometimes enjoy. But once I find what I want, I start freaking out a bit and don't feel comfortable until I am in the car. I will usually try to time my purchase when few people are on line to check out. Then I can't wait to open the bag and sometimes will even stick my hand in the bag while driving home. I never tried purchasing while wearing. I will need to try that.

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    I love buying diapers at the store. Probably because it is just about the only appropriate way (and legal way) to incorporate my exhibitionistic desires with my diaper fetish. I always pick the cutest cashier to ring it up. It's even better if you but some powder or other babyish item at the same time.

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    I use to HATE it, but, over time, I have grown to love the art of diaper buying.

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    I'm starting to like it too. Though not just with diapers: footies, pacis, bottles, and so forth offer that rush and enjoyment for meas well.

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