Hi, I'm robehouse and joined under that name but since I either lost or just can't use the password, I chose to make this name instead.

I'm Very much an adult, in age as well as how I how role play, usually as a daddy. I have a girl that I roleplay with and have met in real life. She is 30 years younger than me, and there isn't any romantic feelings involved. No, I am not a pervert, as I am almost 60 now and she is almost 30. I have written stories in the past and may write more in the future.

Some of you know me, most of you don't. I spend most of my free time doing role play on another forum. I love reading stories and reading posts, but rarely post myself, except, as I said, in role playing.

Outside of my AB stuff, I like to read, go to church and other assorted things. Looking forward to looking more around this site.