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Thread: Did you ever recorded yourself sleeping?

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    Default Did you ever recorded yourself sleeping?

    I always wondered what i would do when i am a sleep.

    As i sleep with pacifier and little hand bear or something, I always wondered what i to with that when i am a sleep.

    Well past night i recorded myself sleeping :P
    and to my surprise i actually suck on my pacifier about everytime i move around (for about 10sec).
    I always hold my hand bear thingy (well 90% of it) and only lost my pacifier 1time but after 10min i got it back.

    This was actually a surprise cause i sleep with a pacifier for about 12year or so but never knew i would actually suck pacifier in my sleep

    Here is a picture around 6:45 hours of sleeping (was nice pic i got from it :p)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sleeping.jpg 
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    higher resolution pic

    Anyway any of you ever thought about what you do when you are a sleep and ever recorded it or want to record it?
    Would you also suck that pacifier or loose it? or that bear.

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    Interesting idea! Haven't do it myself though, but maybe I'll give it a go sometime...

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    done it, to see how i looked and behaved whilst diapered. really boring.

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    imposible unless i keep the light on i got a 20$ webcam and my codak automaticaly closer after a while even if recording(the baterrys wouldnt stay charged for more than a few hours anyway)
    i hate sleeping with light on since i dont want my dad to see me in detail when he check if im slepin XD

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    Not video, but with a strategically placed microphone Ive capture myself wetting the bed. To my surprise, it often happens early in the night, like an hour or so after I fall asleep.

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    That pic is exquisite, it stirs something deep within my soul.
    I have not recorded myself sleeping but if I did I hope the recording would stir the same sort of tenderness in others that your pic stirs in me.

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    I considered recording myself after watching all the completed episodes of "MarbleHornets".

    It's a really great scary (in a mind-fuck sort of way) series online.

    Introduction - YouTube

    I would really reccomend anyone to watch it. Especially at night time, by yourself, with earphones and high volume. :3

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    That's a sweet picture of you! Could you post a video?

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    How would i manage to do this, i got a webcam (20gb if i rec) and a camcorder (2gb) how would i manage to do this as i wouldn't mind trying

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