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    Default Hey everyone!

    Well as you can see my name is Justin, and I have loved diapers ever since I can remember.

    So to get started I want to talk a bit about me. So my favorite thing in the world to do is play baseball. I recently got on an adult league! =) well I was able to play about 4 games before I tore a ligament in my foot! ="( man that hurts.
    Well I also like to go shooting, I've just started collecting some rifles. They are really cool! I also always dream Of joining the coast guard, but I have a heart condition called Wolff Parkinson white syndrome. So I'm not allowed to join.
    If you would like to know more about me or just chat, I would love it! I'm a very happy and calm guy who is in touch with with emotions more so than other guys. "I'm sensitive" lol. I hope I can help anyone on here or get help! Thanks! =)

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    Hi Justin
    welcome to Adisc, don't worry there are a lot of sensitive men (and women) in here, most of whom can even get in touch with their inner child. I've never heard of the wpw syndrome, so just did a quick search on it, you're probably aware, but there is a surgical 'cure' available that is about 95% succesful, which if you're suitable for may be your way into the coastguard, and you;'re in good company Meatloaf has it as well.

    Nice intro, but how about a bit moe info on you, such as hobbies, interests, favourite music, books, movies, romance are you married, dating, do you work or still in education, if you need some inspiration then have a look at lots of good ideas in that. Finally are you AB or TB as you have put both down? Hopefully I shall meet up with you in some of the forums.

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    Okay thanks for the tip.

    Well I put both down because I'm still a teen as of now, but technically and adult, lol. I feel as if I get along with more of the teen crowd tho.

    My hobbies are playing baseball competitively, riding bmx, mountain biking, dirt biking, and punting footballs all for fun! I love to hang out with friends and act immature around town.

    I actually had that surgery believe it or not, but two weeks ago when I went in for emergency surgery because they found free air in my abdomen, I had another SVT problem with my heart. So I have to wait 2years without any relapse of heart problems to join the coast guard.

    I like to wear diapers in public because they make me feel secure. I get a warm feeling inside that say everything will be okay when I wear them.

    I often wish I had a giaint Teddy bear to hug at night, because I lost my dad when I was 17. If I had one it would make me feel like someone is close to me at night and help me sleep. He was my best friend and my life will never be the same with out him.

    Ummm, I've been cought my my mom with diapers several times because she is so darn nosey. To get away I figured the bestthing to donwas to say I had night problems. When intact i just like wetting them. Now she always bus me about it.

    Hope this helped you o know me a little better! =)

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    thanks justin, sorry to hear about yoyr dad, I ;lost both my parents when I was 13, but in my case it was a blessing. Although I've always worn some form of protection, I know what you mean about the arm feeling you get wearing nappies, I get it when I am being lovingly changed, which isn't happening at the moment. I have a small teddy I curl up with, along with my dummy.

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